Filmmaker in Residence – Artist talk

In this exploratory community talk, AFCOOP Filmmaker in Residence Jeff Wheaton will present the concept behind his work-in-progress documentary, HIVE. In addition to providing a brief overview of bees and urban bee-keeping, the talk will centre around the question: “What is our primordial connection to bees?”

Jeff’s approach to the talk will involve collaborative design, and using audience members as part of the brainstorming ‘hive’. He also plans to call into play other disciplines such as dance and visual arts. Through a blend of film clips, open discussion, and urban honey tasting (!) this talk will make you think about bees in a different light.

Presence is the first in a series of talks Jeff will give throughout his filmmaking process. The next two, Fear and Control will take place later in the fall and will include screenings of his film as it evolves. The talk is free and open to all.