"Fear" Filmmaker in Residence – Artist talk #2

Wednesday, March 6th 7pm
AFCOOP office

In this exploratory community talk, AFCOOP Filmmaker in Residence Jeff Wheaton continues the exploration of his work-in-progress documentary, “Hive”.

The film making process is fraught with many challenges to bring an idea from the imagination into a tangible and collaborative experience. Fear can hold the artist back, but also become a leaping off point toward instinct and passing barriers. The beekeeping experience also holds a place of fear within us as we begin our work with these enigmatic creatures.

As part of the series of artist talks as Filmmaker in Residence, Hive, Jeff Wheaton will discuss his process for his film Hive, explore footage and introduce some special guests with a Human Bee Choir.

AFCOOP’s Filmmaker in Residence program is generously supported by the HRM’s Artist in Residence Initiative.