Winter Workshop Series


AFCOOP’s Winter Workshop Series presents classes in all aspects of filmmaking from screenwriting to editing and lots in between. The first workshop, “Intro to Filmmaking” is a primer in all things film-ic in Nova Scotia. Learn about the basic production process and where to find the resources to make your first film. Other workshops in the series cover different stages of the filmmaking process and the rolls involved in those stages. Learn from professional filmmakers who are active in their field and connect with fellow workshop participants in this practical series. New this year we are also offering a 4-part Directors’ Lab that will give participants a more in depth lesson on the art and elements of directing. All workshops are open to the public.

New! Directors’ Lab
February 27th – March 20th (Mondays), 2017 6:00-9:00pm
This 4-week directing workshop is designed for individuals looking to understand the directing process from script to edit. Each week, participants will learn about a particular element of directing and how to apply it to their own projects. This course will touch on aspects of short film and feature filmmaking. It is strongly recommended that participants take Intro to Directing if they have little or no prior experience with directing.  
Price: $160/200*+HST (AFCOOP members / non-members)

Note: This workshop will be four weeks long, running Monday evenings 6pm – 9pm, February 20th to March 13th. *The purchase of the non-member Directors Lab includes an associate membership! If you do not wish to automatically be registered as an associate member please contact Jenna by email: or phone: 902-405-4474 ext 0

Intro Series Package
February 7th – March 14th (Tuesdays)

AFCOOP’s Intro Package is a series of intro workshops designed to give participants a balanced overview of independent film production and the elements involved in creating a project from first draft to final edit. If you want to learn how to make a film, this package is for you.
Price: $180/220*+HST (AFCOOP members / non-members)

The Intro series is sold at a discount when purchased as a package and includes the following 5 workshops:

-Intro to Filmmaking
-Intro to Screenwriting  
-Intro to Directing
-Intro to Cinematography 
-Intro to Editing 

*The purchase of this winters non-member intro series package includes an associate membership! If you do not wish to automatically be registered as an associate member please contact Jenna by email: or phone: 902-405-4474 ext 0


Intro to Filmmaking
Tuesday, February 7th 6:00-9:00pm
This workshop introduces participants to the elements needed to make an independent film. Participants will walk through the filmmaking process from beginning to end. In addition they will receive a better understanding of the various jobs on a film set and how they work in conjunction with each other. A special focus will be made on the tools and resources that are available for making films in Nova Scotia.
Price: $40/50+HST (AFCOOP members / non-members)

Intro to Directing
Tuesday February 21st, 2016 6:00-9:00pm
This workshop will explore the tools and techniques available to a director in order to create projects from script to screen. The workshop will touch on elements such as working with actors, visual storytelling, sound design, and the directors’ role in post-production. If you want to be a director, this workshop is for you. 
Price: $40/50+HST (AFCOOP members / non-members)

Intro to Screen Writing
Tuesday February 28th, 2016 6:00-9:00pm
A study of screenwriting both technically and creatively, this course is ideal for novice writers with little or no experience. Participants will learn how the elements of story (plot, conflict, theme, dialogue, and character development) are used specifically for film. This course will also cover technical details such as formatting and film specific writing techniques. This workshop will give you the boost you need to dive in, or fix up your next great project. Participants are encouraged (but not required) to bring a short film idea to be discussed if time permits. 
Price: $40/50+HST (AFCOOP members / non-members)

Intro to Cinematography
Tuesday March 7th, 2016 6:00-9:00pm
This workshop is designed to give participants a balanced understanding of the elements involved in recording moving images for film. Participants will learn the theory of creating an image, working with the camera, working with the lighting department, and a brief overview of the equipment and tools used to create compelling imagery. 
Price: $40/50+HST (AFCOOP members / non-members)

Intro to Editing
Tuesday March 14th, 2016 6:00-9:00pm
This workshop will cover the nuanced and intricate process of editing a film. Participants will learn about various editing styles and how they can affect the film as a whole, as well as different techniques to achieve these styles. This workshop will have you on your way to being the next Walter Murch! 
Price: $40/50+HST (AFCOOP members / non-members)

FILM 5 Trainee Workshops 

These workshops are open to the public and can also be taken as a prerequisite for the FILM 5 Trainee program. For detailed information regarding the trainee program please visit our website:


Production Management
January 28th & 29th 10:00am-5:00pm
Proper management is an important component of realizing your creative vision. This two-day crash course will teach participants about the organizational tools that help a production to run smoothly and how to manage potential production problems. Topics covered include the role of the Production Manager and team, script breakdown, budgeting, cost reporting, hiring personnel, locations and money management. Bring a calculator – there will be lots of hands-on examples.
Note: Required for FILM 5 Production Coordinator trainee
Price: $160/200 (AFCOOP members / non-members)


Art Department
February 11th & 12th 10:00am-5:00pm
This Art Department Intensive workshop will centre around what it takes to properly understand and break down a script in Art Department terms. We will look at the roles within the art department, the conceptual sketches and ideas that designers produce, the layers involved in putting sets together, and how colour affects the visceral response of a set. Finally, we will take a short film script and apply our knowledge in breaking it down and putting together concept sketches, colour palettes, and set designs. 
Note: Required for FILM 5 Art Department trainee
Price: $160/200 (AFCOOP members / non-members)

Camera Assistant
February 25th & 26th 10:00am-5:00pm
This two-day course covers the tasks associated with a being a 1st assistant camera person, loader and trainee as well as the basics of camera operation. Topics covered include the working relationship with the DOP, focus pulling, slating, marking, reports, loading, light meters roles in the department, the industry as a whole and the next steps to take, priorities of an assistant – Setting up camera, changing locations, which gear to take first, weather gear and so much more.
Note: Required for FILM 5 Camera Assistant trainee 
Price: $160/200 (AFCOOP members / non-members)

Lighting and Grip
March 5th 10:00am-5:00pm
Come to learn the fundamentals of on set electric and grip practices in this exciting two day workshop. In this course, our industry professional will provide instruction in distribution systems, working with various lighting fixtures, basic theory and much more. 
Note: Required for FILM 5 Grip & Electrical trainee 
Price: $80/100 (AFCOOP members / non-members)

Set Etiquette Workshop
March 9th 6:00pm-9:00pm
This workshop, taught by a local IATSE member, will run through the unique culture that is a film set. Lean all about the jargon, the do’s and don’ts and find out what to expect your first time on a film set. This course is required for all on set FILM 5 trainees and is included as part of the FILM 5 application fee. If you have previously taken this course, you are not required to take it again.
Note: Required for all FILM 5 Trainees
Price: $60 (for AFCOOP members and non-members)

Location Sound Recording
March 11th 10:00am-5:00pm
Build a foundation for location sound recording in this informative workshop. In this course, our industry professional will provide instruction in technique, equipment and basic theory.
Note: Required for FILM 5 Sound Recordist trainee
Price: $80/100 (AFCOOP members / non-members)

Assistant Directing
March 12th 10:00am-5:00pm
This one-day workshop will cover the specific functions of the AD team and provide an overview of how the AD team organizes an efficient independent film. Pre-production and production requirements will be discussed in detail including script breakdown, shooting schedules, on-set responsibilities, and co-ordination of the cast and crew.
Note: Required for FILM 5 Assistant Director trainees
Price: $80/100 (AFCOOP members / non-members)

Trainee Meet and Greet
March 16th 6:00pm-9:00pm
The trainee meet and greet is designed to help participating Film 5 teams meet with potential trainees so that the best possible matches are made. This is an opportunity for trainees to approach FILM 5 teams and express interest in working on their project. 

The trainee meet and greet also functions as a networking event giving everyone involved a chance to get to know each other producing possible future working relationships.
The trainee meet and greet is only open to trainees and members of the FILM 5 program.

AFCOOP Membership 
Become an Associate Member and save! AFCOOP Associate Membership is only $40 for a full year. You will save an average of $10/workshop. You can register on line when you purchase a workshop or call the office to register over the phone – (902) 405 4474.

Registration  Workshops must be paid for in full in order to confirm your spot. You can register on line through our on line registration software ( or if you’d prefer to pay via cash/cheque/debit you can do so in person in the AFCOOP office (5663 Cornwallis Street, Suite 101) open 10am – 5pm Monday – Friday or over the phone – (902) 405 4474.

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