Grants for Filmmakers – Deadline Aug. 1st


AFCOOP’s filmmaking grants support the production of local independent films through in-kind equipment and resources. There are grants that are open to the public as well as some that are only open to AFCOOP Full Members.

There are two deadlines per year – August 1st and December 1st

Super 8 Bursary

Covers all costs associated with shooting, processing and scanning two rolls of Super 8 film

Eligibility: Open to all applicants including non-members

The First Thing

Provides resources and training to make your first film including:

  • $500 in-kind gear and facilities (valued at commercial rates)
  • “Intro to Filmmaking in Nova Scotia” workshop
  • 2 x workshops of your choice
  • Associate Membership
  • 3 x 1hr meetings with an AFCOOP mentor
  • Access to Production Insurance

Eligibility: Beginner filmmaker with little to no filmmaking experience

Feedback Loop

Receive feedback for a project you are developing via 3 x 1hr mentorship meetings with a film professional (director, screenwriter, producer, editor, cinematographer, etc.). Mentors will be selected from senior AFCOOP members and the community based on the nature of your project.

Eligibility: Open to all applicants including non-members

Analogue Film Grant

The Analogue Film Grant provides you with resources and support to make a film-based project shot or finished (or both!) on Super-8, 16mm or 35mm film:

  • $400 cash towards film stock, processing, shipping and transfer
  • $2,000 in kind equipment (film cameras, lights, etc. valued at commercial rates)
  • Access to Production Insurance

Eligibility: AFCOOP Full Members

Independent Filmmakers Grant

The Independent Filmmakers Grant provides equipment and resources to make a digital-based project.

The grant includes:

  • $400 cash towards your production costs (crew, cast, art dept. food, etc.)
  • $2,000 in kind equipment rental (C300 Mark II camera, sound recording equipment, lighting etc. valued at commercial rates)
  • Access to Production Insurance

Eligibility: AFCOOP Full Members


Application forms can be downloaded on-line or can be picked up in person at the AFCOOP office.

AFCOOP Grants for Filmmakers Application Form – word doc.

AFCOOP Grants for Filmmakers Application Form – PDF

Support Materials
Please include the following support materials:

ALL Grants

1. Artistic Statement/Letter of intent
2. Script or Project Description
3. Letter detailing previous production experience and/or a CV
4. Supplementary materials as required (see below)
5. Maximum one audiovisual support material (Vimeo)

First Thing Grant – Please indicate what workshops you would be interested in taking if your grant application is successful

Feedback Loop – Please specify what type of mentor you would like to meet with (i.e. cinematographer, director, producer, editor). 

Analogue Film Grant - Please describe how you will be using film in your project (and what gauge) and how your plan to use your in-kind equipment support.

Independent Filmmakers Grant – Please specify your equipment needs and who will be using the equipment (if it’s not you). Equipment must be used by a qualified operator. The operator needs to have either taken a workshop or confirmed competency with the Technical Coordinator in advance of the equipment booking.

Submitting your application

Applications can be submitted the following ways:

– Electronic submission: email application form and related documents to (please include your name in all file names, summarize documents into single .pdf file where possible and provide clickable link to audiovisual support material, ie Vimeo)

– Delivered by hand or sent by mail to Atlantic Filmmakers Cooperative (5663 Cornwallis Street, Suite 101, Halifax NS, B3K 1B6)

Applications must be received by the deadline date (electronic or in-person submissions) or be postmarked no later than the deadline date (if submitting by mail). If the deadline falls on a weekend or holiday, applications that are received or postmarked for the following business day will be accepted.

Please note: If applying to more than one grant category you must fill out an individual form for each grant application. Additionally, please individualize each application for suitability to its specific grant category (do not simply submit the same grant to multiple categories). 

Applicants will be notified on the success of their application within 4 weeks of the application closing date.

AFCOOP Grants for Filmmakers Application Form – word doc.

AFCOOP Grants for Filmmakers Application Form – PDF