FILM 5 Production Phase


AFCOOP is pleased to announce the teams and projects selected for production through this year’s FILM 5 program. FILM 5 is a professional development program for Nova Scotia directors, writers and producers. A jury of film industry professionals selected four teams and projects to receive training, mentorship and over $30,000 in cash and services to produce a short film.

This year’s selected teams and projects are:

  • Drown the Lovers, Israel Ekanem (writer/director) and Monica Bell-Ekanem (producer)
  • Greenness, Tori Fleming (writer/director) and Morgan Salter (writer/producer)
  • It All Ends, Jessica Smallwood (writer/director) and Andrew Mortimer (writer/producer)
  • PassageHenry Colin (writer/director) and Chelsea Hoyt (producer)

Alongside the creative teams, FILM 5 also trains aspiring technical crew through the Trainee Program. FILM 5 Trainees receive classroom instruction and on-set mentorship and experience working as crew members on FILM 5 shoots. AFCOOP is holding an info session about the Trainee Program on Wednesday, January 24th at 6pm in the AFCOOP Offices. Trainee program workshops begin at the end of January. Full details about the program and a schedule of workshops are available on our website.

Project Synopses:

Drown the Lovers:
Heather has been tasked by insurgents from The Sanctuary with getting information from Tim The Reform Marshall by becoming his pair. She has done this successfully for some time. In the process she has fallen in love with him and now believes a soft approach might help their cause but The Sanctuary has other plans. Unknown to Heather, Tim suspects that she is an insurgent. When Amy (26), a Department of Reform guard tells him that there is a sleeper agent in the Department of Reform, Tim decides to confront Heather.

At fourteen, Alyssa, Maddie, and Kaylee are old enough to hang out alone, but young enough to laugh about ice cream. Mature enough to have crushes, but naïve to the complex power dynamics surrounding them. As the girls make their way home from school and spend another afternoon home alone in the suburbs, they navigate the new adult pressures they face while teetering on the cusp of girlhood and womanhood.

It All Ends:
Upon learning a dangerous monster of local folklore is real and en route to her home, a naive teenager Sarah chooses to break free from her mother’s order, and assume responsibility of her own fate. When the monster arrives, Sarah is forced to mature quickly, and decide who the real enemy is before her soul is taken.

Luke reminisces about his friendship with Tim and Tyler. He remembers when they were friends, their falling out due to the tyranny of their father, and ultimately tragedy. A poem of memory, friendship and loss.

FILM 5 is presented by the Atlantic Filmmakers Cooperative with the assistance of the Province of Nova Scotia and Telefilm Canada. Training is made possible through the generous support of DHX Media Ltd. FILM 5 sponsors include: William F. Whites International, SIM Digital, Current Studios, 902 Post, Trew Audio, CBC, IATSE 849, IATSE 667, the Directors Guild of Canada, the Atlantic Film Festival Association, and The Coast.

ABOUT AFCOOP: Established in 1974 the Atlantic Filmmakers Cooperative (AFCOOP) is a non-profit, community organization dedicated to supporting the production and presentation of independent film and moving image-based work in a collaborative, learning environment.

AFCOOP operates with generous support from the Canada Council for the Arts, the Province of Nova Scotia and The City of Halifax.

For press inquiries or to arrange interviews contact:

Erin McDonald – Programs Coordinator
902-405-4474 ex. 4