FILM 5 Trainee Program

FILM 5 Trainee Info Session

The FILM 5 Trainee Program is a hands-on training program for aspiring technical crew. Paralleling the Creative Team component the Trainee program provides participants with high quality classroom training, practical on-set instruction and networking opportunities.To become a Trainee crew member, you must take the required workshops for your desired position, pay the application fee, which includes the mandatory Set Etiquette Course, come to the Trainee/Team Meet and Greet and submit a resume, cover letter and application form.

On the FILM 5 sets, trainees work under key crew-members from the local film industry. Keys are industry professionals responsible for running their department, and for providing guidance and leadership to the trainees. Trainees leave the production having networked with industry crew, with practical experience and resume references.

Each FILM 5 production is required to have a minimum of six trainees on set. FILM 5 productions take place in April.

Creative Team Producers are responsible for reviewing resumes and hiring trainees. The AFCOOP Supervising Producer oversees this process and tries to ensure that all trainees receive a successful placement.

Trainee Program:

  • Training from industry professionals through workshops
  • Hands-on learning experience working on a industry standard film set
  • Make connections with industry professionals and local filmmakers

Becoming a FILM 5 Trainee:

  • Attend the required workshops for your position
  • Attend the Set Etiquette Workshop
  • Trainee Meet and Greet – meet and network with FILM 5 teams
  • Pay Application Fee of $60.00 (includes Set Etiquette Workshop)
  • Submit your Trainee Application Form + resume + cover letter

Trainee/Team Meet and Greet
Cost: FREE
Date: Wednesday March 21 2018 6:00 PM – 7:30 PM at AFCOOP

This informal gathering will allow FILM 5 Teams and potential Trainees to get to know each other. Teams will present a brief summary of their project to the group and then there will be time to mingle and meet each other.
Required ALL FILM 5 Trainees

ALL TRAINEES must take Set Etiquette:

Set Etiquette
Date: Tuesday March 20 2018 6:00 PM – 7:30 PM at AFCOOP

Ever wonder who does what on a film set?  How the set is run? This IATSE certified workshop will prepare beginners for what to expect when they arrive on a film set.
Required ALL FILM 5 Trainees

Trainee positions and required workshops:

Production Coordinator
Production Managers’ Intensive
Set Etiquette

Production Assistant
Set Etiquette

Camera Assistant
Camera Assistants’ Intensive
Set Etiquette

Assistant Director
Assistant Directing
Set Etiquette

Sound Department
Location Sound Recording Intensive
Set Etiquette

Art Department
Art Department Intensive
Set Etiquette

Lighting & Grip Intensive
Set Etiquette

Register for workshops in the AFCOOP office or online HERE