Recipients of Grants to Filmmakers


AFCOOP is pleased to announce the filmmakers and projects selected for production through this year’s Grants to Filmmakers. Twice each year, filmmakers are selected by a peer jury to receive one of our four grants: Super 8 Bursary, First Thing Grant, Analogue Film Grant, or Independent Filmmakers Grant.

  • The Super 8 Bursary is awarded to Kate Ward for her project Entanglement
  • The First Thing Grant is awarded to both Jack Leahy for Third Places and Alana Kristen for Everything is a Game
  • The Analogue Film Grant is awarded to Todd Fraser for his project Mi-Carême
  • The Independent Filmmakers Grant is awarded to Nicole C. Holland for her project Gift Horse

Super 8 Bursary

The Super 8 Bursary covers all costs associated with shooting, processing and scanning two rolls of Super 8 film.

This round’s Super 8 Bursary was awarded to Kate Ward for her project Entanglement.

Synopsis: Entanglement is a constellation of artworks which attempts to make visible the invisible structure of the relationships recognized in quantum physics where entangled particles remain connected but separated over great distances. Kate will be exploring this concept through textiles, light and projected imagery to create ephemeral light shows. Reality is the point of departure for a transfiguration that goes by way of the imagination and marvellous wonderment, resulting in a display of magical realism.

First Thing Grant

The First Thing Grant provides resources and training to make your first film including $500 in-kind gear and facilities (valued at commercial rates), access to three AFCOOP workshops, an associate membership, and mentorship by a local filmmaker.

This round’s First Thing Grant was awarded to two recipients Jack Leahy for his project Third Places as well as Alana Kristen for her project Everything is a Game.

Synopsis: Third Places examines a repeating crossing of paths between two characters, through the aid of public space in Halifax. The extent of their communication is a reflection of the space they occupy.

Synopsis: Everything is a Game is a one minute coming of age film, which explores in a pretend play the paradigms of attraction between two female friends. Stunningly beautiful and inappropriately flamboyant for her age, 9 year old Masuri tricks her reserved Canadian peer Laura into a pretend-boyfriend game in order to kiss her. This endeavour, however ends with a breathtaking twist for Laura.  

Analogue Film Grant

The Analogue Film Grant provides recipients with resources and support to make a film-based project shot or finished (or both!) on Super-8, 16mm or 35mm film. The grant includes $500 cash towards film stock, processing, shipping and transfer and $2,000 in kind equipment (film cameras, lights, etc. valued at commercial rates).

This year’s Analogue Film Grant was awarded to Todd Fraser for his project Mi-Carême

Synopsis: Mi-Carême is a multi-format short documentary exploring Cheticamp, NS and an Acadian celebration involving masks and disguise.

Independent Filmmakers Grant

The Independent Filmmakers Grant provides equipment and resources to make a digital-based project. The grant includes $500 cash towards your production costs (crew, cast, art dept. food, etc.) and $2,000 in kind equipment rental (C300 Mark II camera, sound recording equipment, lighting etc. valued at commercial rates)

This year’s Independent Filmmakers Grant was awarded to Nicole C. Holland for her project Gift Horse.

Synopsis: In an unnamed land, a couple live in harmony with nature. Everything they need is provided for by their day-to-day activities of hunting and gathering. One ordinary morning they discover that by rolling a rock up a hill, food, among an abundance of other items, will fall from the sky. When the protagonist begins pushing the rock up the hill, the direct relationship between his actions and their purpose is severed and the sense of meaning in his life begins to disintegrate. Quickly the couple become overwhelmed with greed and overconsumption and ultimately the strength of their bond is compromised.

Established in 1974 the Atlantic Filmmakers Cooperative (AFCOOP) is a non-profit, community organization dedicated to supporting the production and presentation of independent film and moving image-based work in a collaborative, learning environment.

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