Super 8 Holiday Challenge

Super 8 Holiday Graphic

Super-8 Holiday Film Challenge & Party
Screening:December 13,
Deadline: December 4

Every year to celebrate the holidays we like to get creative and make some movies! Teams rent a super 8 camera and purchase a film cartridge with around 3.5 minutes of footage for their projects. The tricky part is that you have to shoot everything in order and there is no editing after the film is developed, which means that all projects must use in-camera editing. Teams will view their films for the first time together at the screening, so no peeking before then. Interesting right?

This year there will be a live music component with Bianca Palmer, Jay Crocker & Al Melnyck improvising along to the screening of the films.

Cost: $50/$60 +hst Members/ Non members

Your Purchase includes:
3.5 minute reel of black and white or colour 8mm film stock
2 day (weekend or weekday) rental
8mm automatic camera

All films must be edited in camera
All films must be silent
No team is allowed to view their film before the screening ( participants will be notified if their footage was damaged or undeveloped during filming)
Bonus points will be awarded to films that feature a holiday theme or element.