The Handmade Film Screening

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The Handmade Film Screening is an hour program featuring experimental analogue handmade films.

Tuesday, January 29th
Doors and Bar Open at 6:30pm
Screening begins at 7pm
And YES there will be popcorn!


Amanda Dawn Christie
Becka Barker
Christopher Spencer-Lowe
Erin McDonald
Heather Harkins
Jeff Mann
Jezebel Cain
Keelin Jack
Linda Rae Dornan
Tara Wells
Todd Fraser
Ursula Handleigh
Yalitsa Riden
Zach Faye


The Handmade Analogue Filmmakers Collective is an ad hoc group of practicing, enthusiastic, analogue, handmade filmmakers. We have come together to showcase experimental analogue handmade films while supporting the Atlantic Canadian filmmakers working in this specialized genre. We believe in screening films that challenge cinematic conventions and explore non-narrative forms and alternate methods of working in film.

This screening celebrates what filmmakers have been working on! We hope it will serve as a platform for sharing ideas and techniques, educate our friends about our love for analogue film, and inspire others to create work. These films were selected by a jury for their emotional response, creative use of film, and visual diversity. After the screening, we would like to invite you to join us join us for discussion with the filmmakers.

What is handmade analogue filmmaking anyway?
For this screening we defined handmade filmmaking as anything where the filmmaker’s hand touched the film to create the work – that could mean conventional hand or bucket-processing, eco-processing, emulsion making, scratching, animating, painting, bi-packing, tinting, toning, rayogramming, or film destructions techniques. Films also needed to originate on film either Super 8mm, Regular 8mm, 16mm, or 35mm but could be finished digitally.

We would like to thank our partnership organization AFCOOP and Arts Nova Scotia for their generous support.