New Home Committee

Now that AFCOOP has settled (kinda) into our temporary office on Grafton Street (thank you to everyone who helped!) it’s time to start planning our next move. As many of you know, AFCOOP is working with the folks from Culture Link and the Link Performing Arts Society to design a purpose-built space in the new arts hub that is being developed in the old World Trade and Convention Centre on Argyle street. The approximate move-in date for that space is Fall 2020.

If you’d like to be part of the committee that works on that office design as well as helping to plan for the move and ways to activate the new space once we’re in it we’re looking for you! We’d love to have members that work in different formats (analogue, animation, etc.) as well as folks that engage with the co-op in different ways.

You’ll get volunteer hours for the time spent in committee meetings and there will be snacks!

If you’d like to join the committee please email Martha: