Equipment & Facilities

AFCOOP provides filmmakers with access to production equipment and facilities at reasonable rental rates. Our equipment and facilities are available to anyone who is qualified to use them. Rates are subject to change without notice. Consult with the Technical Coordinator for further booking information and questions: 405 4474 ex. 1

Visit the following pages for Equipment Rental information:

Equipment and Facilities Rental Rate Sheets

Editing Facilities (Post-Production)

Media Suite Booking Calendar

Film As A Medium

Rate Structure

AFCOOP rates are broken down into Full Member or Non-Member. To qualify for the Full Member rate you need to be a Full Member of AFCOOP in good standing and have creative control and copyright over the project. For more information on how to become a Full Member visit the Membership page.

There is also a Collaborative rate which can be negotiated (generally 50% off Non-Member Rate). This would be available to a production in which a Full Member in Good Standing is collaborating with a Non-Member. The Full Member must be sharing both creative control and copyright equally.

AFCOOP’S “3 Day Week” policy. Rent equipment or facilities for 7 days, you only pay for 3!
AFCOOP’s “One-Day Weekends.” Rent gear on Friday, bring it back Monday, and pay for one day!

Please read the AFCOOP Equipment Policy & Rental Agreement.


Any production that utilizes AFCOOP equipment or facilities is obliged to include our logo in the production credits.

AFCOOP Logo tiff

Note: if you require a higher resolution eps. file please email: