Grants for Filmmakers

AFCOOP’s filmmaking grants support the production of local independent films through in-kind equipment and resources. There are grants that are open to the public as well as some that are only open to AFCOOP Full Members.

There are two deadlines per year – August 1st and December 1st

The First Thing

Supplies and training to make your first film including:

– $500 in-kind gear and facilities (valued at commercial rates)
– “Intro to Filmmaking in Nova Scotia” workshop
– 2 x workshops of your choice
– Associate Membership
– 3 x 1hr meetings with an AFCOOP mentor

For: Beginner filmmaker with little to no filmmaking experience.

Up to 2 per deadline.

Feedback Loop

A chance to get feedback about your project for your choice of expert. Includes:

– 3 x 1hr mentorship meetings with your choice of an experienced screenwriter, director, producer, editor or cinematographer.

These meetings are meant for you to gain feedback on your project.  Mentors will be selected from senior AFCOOP members and the community based on the nature of your project.

For: Anyone.

Up to 2 per deadline.

Freezer Film 

Make a film with AFCOOP short ends, re-cans and other fabulous freezer finds. Includes:

– 3000ft of film from the AFCOOP film freezer (35mm, 16mm) (colour or b&w)
– $1,000 in kind sponsorship (film cameras, lights, etc. valued at commercial rates)

For: AFCOOP Full Members.

Up to 1 per deadline

Independent Filmmakers Grant

The Independent Filmmakers Grant provides one recipient with an extraordinary amount of equipment with which to produce their film (over $3400) in value.

Package includes a weekend rental of:

  • Canon C300 Full Kit (w/ tripod, monitor, etc)
  • S35 Prime Lenses or Zoom Lens
  • LED Lighting Solutions
  • Sound Recording Equipment; over $3400 in commercial value.

For: AFCOOP Full Members. Equipment must be used by a qualified operator. In order to be cleared on this gear you (or you operator) need to have either taken a workshop on it or prove your competency to the Technical Coordinator in advance of your booking.

Up to 1 per deadline

Post-Production Grant 

AFCOOP has a  full service post-production suite. This is your chance to use it for your next project. Includes:

– 2 weeks unlimited access to AFCOOP’s media suite (Final Cut Studio 7, AVID Symphony, Adobe CS6 and Pro Tools).
–  Booking is for consecutive weeks (with some flexibility)

For: AFCOOP Full Members.

Up to 1 per deadline


Application forms can be downloaded on-line or can be picked up in person at the AFCOOP office.

Grant Application Form

Support Materials
Please include the following support materials:

ALL Grants

1. Artistic Statement/Letter of intent
2. Script or Project Description
3. Letter detailing previous production experience and/or a CV
4. Supplementary materials as required (see below)

First Thing – Please indicate what workshops you would be interested in taking if your grant application is successful.

Feedback Loop – Please specify what type of mentor you would like to meet with (i.e. cinematographer, director, producer, editor).

Freezer FilmPlease note what kind of film you would like (35mm, 16mm/colour or b&w). Please also describe how you plan to use your $1,000 in kind sponsorship.

Please specify who will be using the equipment (if it’s not you). Equipment must be used by a qualified operator.

C300 Cinema Kit Please specify who will be using the equipment (if it’s not you). Equipment must be used by a qualified operator.

Post-Production Grant Please specify who will be using the equipment (if it’s not you). Equipment must be used by a qualified operator.

Submitting your application

Applications can be delivered by hand or sent by mail. They must be received in the AFCOOP office (5663 Cornwallis Street, Suite 101, Halifax NS, B3K 1B6) by the deadline date, or be postmarked no later than the deadline date. If the deadline falls on a weekend or holiday, applications that are received or postmarked for the following business day will be accepted.

Applicants will be notified on the success of their application within 4 weeks of the application closing date.

Grant Application Form