Volunteer at AFCOOP

Everyone is welcome to volunteer at AFCOOP!

In order to become a Full Member you must donate ten volunteer hours to the Coop and must continue to perform ten volunteer hours per year. For each additional hour of volunteer work, full members receive $10 towards equipment rental.

Volunteer tasks include things like serving on a committee, teaching workshops, postering and general office work. Working on AFCOOP member productions does not qualify as volunteer time.

If you are interested in volunteering contact: volunteer@afcoop.ca

Individuals are responsible for recording their own hours in AFCOOPs’ Volunteer log.

Volunteer Tasks Needed Now:

Office Assistant/Greeter
We can always use a little help around the office. Call or email in advance so we know you’re coming.

Tasks may include:
– Answering the main phone line
– greeting guests/members
– answering general inquiries
– issuing receipts for workshop sign-ups and similar tasks
– assist with loading gear if need be
– washing dishes
– taking out recycling

You will need to familiarize yourself with a few basic procedures (like where receipts are kept) and know where to find information (most of which is on the website or in a brochure).

Postering / Flyer drop-off
Two things really, but both at once is efficient!

– dropping off flyers at any and all flyer racks you can think of (and we have a list)
– stapling up posters along major pedestrian routes in the South End, North End, Downtown/Barrington/Waterfront, Downtown/Spring Garden, and around the universities.

During the September to April season we need a lot of postering and flyer distribution done – this activity is truly valuable to the success of AFCOOP’s events.

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