Phase Two Schedule

Production Managers Intensive – TBD
Weekend, January 12 & 13 10 AM – 5 PM
Required Producers and Directors
Good management is an important component of realizing the creative vision of the filmmaking team. In this two-day crash course participants will learn about the organizational tools that can help a production run smoothly and how to manage production problems that can arise. Topics covered include the role of the Production Manager and team, script breakdown, budgeting, cost reporting, hiring personnel, locations and money management.

Producer Mentor Round Table – TBD
Thursday, January 17 6 – 9 PM
Required Producers
Round-table workshop with four participating producers and the Producer Mentor.

AFCOOP Winter General Meeting
Thursday, January 24 6:30 PM
AFCOOP Offices
Optional Attendance
One member of your team needs to become a Full Member of AFCOOP in order to receive funding through FILM 5. In order to become a member you need to do 10hrs of volunteer work and get voted in at a General Meeting. The cost of your membership (normally $80/year) will be covered through your tuition.

Casting Workshop & ACTRA Tutorial
Thursday, January 31, 6 – 9 PM
Required Directors and Producers
Learn about all stages of the casting process followed by a meeting with representatives from ACTRA to discuss the Training Agreement.

Thursday, February 7, Midnight
Tuition: $300/team member. Phase Two Tuition can be paid online here or in person at the AFCOOP front desk.

Writer/Director Mentor Meetings
Various – To Be Scheduled
Required Directors
Individual Meetings x 2
You are to meet with your individual Writer/Director mentor twice before your production. Your first meeting will be focused on script revisions and the second will be focused on the directing process.

Producer Mentor – Individual Meetings
You are to meet with the Producer Mentor once individually as you get closer to shooting.

Directing Actors – TBD
Weekend, February 9 & 10, 10 AM – 5 PM
Required Directors
This workshop will focus on the hands-on components of directing including working with actors, blocking and rehearsing. You will also get an opportunity to work with local actors on a scene of your choice.

Post-Production Workflow – Shawn Beckwith
Thursday, February 21, 6 – 9 PM
Required Producers and Directors
This workshop will give participants an overview of the post-production workflow and the steps and processes that take place along the way.

Trainee/Team Meet and Greet
Thursday, February 28, 6 – 8 PM
Required Directors and Producers
You will present your film to the Trainees and then have an opportunity to meet with them to see whom you might want to hire for your production. You are required to hire a minimum of four Trainees.

One-on-one Post-Production Meetings – Erin
Required Producers and Directors
Contact the FILM 5 Production Coordinator ( to book an appointment. This is a mandatory meeting.

Festival Strategy Workshop
Required Producers and Directors
Planning an individual festival strategy for each project.

A note about Mentors
The program mentors are there to aid you in anyway that you need assistance. You should think of

how your time with the mentors could be most helpful and what it is that you need from them.

They can offer you advice and feedback based on their experience, but they do not have any creative control or say on how you make your films. In the end it is your film and you get to make final creative decisions. That being said, mentors will flag feasibility or production concerns if they see them and relay those concerns to the FILM 5 Production Coordinator.

In post-production your mentors will need to view your rough cut and give notes so it is important that they are involved early on and understand your vision for your film as much as the rest of your crew.

Free Workshops
AFCOOP runs a full Winter Workshop series. This year we are offering teams the option of taking any workshop from that series (free of charge). Use this as an opportunity to get more information on an aspect of filmmaking that you want to learn more about. Workshops that may be of interest include: Cinematography, Assistant Directing, Art Dept., or Set Etiquette.

Pre-registration is required. For a full list of workshops visit:

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