A Certain Openness – The Filming of Poetry

Congratulations to all the completed films that screened at HIFF 2013!

A Certain Openness: the filming of poetry, was a collaborative filmmaking project designed to foster relationships between Nova Scotia’s filmmaking and writing communities. Five poets were be paired with five filmmakers to collaborate and create filmed interpretations of existing poetry. The resulting short films screened at the Halifax Independent Filmmakers Festival in April of 2013.

Poets: Sue Goyette, Robin Metcalfe, Matt Robinson, Dan Walsh,  and Ardath Whynacht.

Filmmakers: Ruby Boutilier, Walter Forsyth, Jim MacSwain, Lisa Morse and Megan Wennberg.

"Heavy Metal Night at Gus' Pub" by Ruby Boutilier and Sue Goyette

Through the program, participants received training in relevant aspects of the filmmaking process as well as mentorship from lead instructors and AFCOOP staff. Films were shot on 16mm (colour or b&w) with non-sync sound and were finished digitally with an audio track or live accompaniment. The program supplied filmmaking gear, supplies and materials. Teams were also given a small cash budget to spend on their production and were awarded with an artist fee upon completion of their films.

What is Cinépoetry?
Cinépoetry comes in many forms – from filmed spoken-word performances, to visual interpretations that may or may not contain the actual text of the poem. Films can include a combination of literal and abstract renderings of the text they are based on. By combining the two art forms of film and poetry, a new meaning is created, and a new medium is discovered!

"Grain Elevator" by Megan Wennberg and Matt Robinson

A Certain Openness the filming of poetry was funded by the Canada Council for the Arts and was presented with support from the Writers Federation of Nova Scotia. It is a one time project and will not be presented again in the near future.