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The Atlantic Filmmakers Cooperative (AFCOOP) and Forward Music Group (FMG) bring you the SYNC: Music Video Program. SYNC is a music video production program for emerging musicians and filmmakers based in Nova Scotia which provides education, funding and showcasing opportunities to three teams.

October 15th: Applications Due
November 3: Applicants informed of acceptance to program. Participants will be chosen by a jury.
November 23: Orientation Session (Mandatory)
December 3 -4: Weekend Workshop Intensive (Mandatory)
January: Music Videos in Production Phase
February: Music Videos in Post-Production Phase
Mid-March: Screenings of Music Videos and Live Show / Party


Education and Feedback: A weekend long intensive workshop taught by film and music industry professionals: Jason Levangie, Scott Simpson, Caley MacLennan, Kyle Cunjak and Trevor Murphy. Participants will receive feedback throughout the production and post-production process.


Funding and Gear Rental:
– $600 cash towards production
– $2000 in gear rental from AFCOOP
– 7 day use of AFCOOP editing suite


The program will end with a screening of the three music videos as well as a party where the three musical artists who took part will play live.


Emerging Musician Eligibility:
– proof of two years professional experience in field
– proof of active live performance
– exhibits basic training
– does not have album sales past $5000


Emerging Filmmaker Eligibility:
– less than three years professional experience
– has basic training
– has completed one independent film or video artwork




Musicians and Filmmakers apply SEPARATELY.


Emerging Musician:
– Two songs (via links NOT attachments)
– link to music streaming
– ONE PAGE letter of intent (explaining your experience as a musician and reasons for wanting to participate in program)
– ONE PAGE CV (discography, shows over the past 12 months, notable awards, press)


Emerging Filmmaker: Must apply as a director-producer team of two
– Two samples of video work (via links NOT attachments)
– a ONE PAGE letter of intent on behalf of both the director and producer (explain why you want to participate in the program)
– 2 ONE PAGE CVs from both the director and producer


Send your applications as ONE FILE in PDF format. ONLY PDF format will be accepted.


Send applications to:


Sync is generously supported by the Province of Nova Scotia


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