AFCOOP Membership

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AFCOOP is a member-run arts-centre that welcomes anyone interested in creating films! Our members come from a wide variety of backgrounds including students, emerging and experienced filmmakers from all walks of life. AFCOOP’s past and present membership include some of the most acclaimed filmmakers in our region.

Many opportunities and resources become available to you when you become a member of AFCOOP. There are various types of membership and each has its own requirements and advantages. The only prerequisite for membership is that you are a resident of Nova Scotia.

[su_heading size=”20″]Associate Membership – $40 [/su_heading]

  • Associate Membership Card
  • Workshop and course discounts
  • Bi-weekly electronic newsletter
  • Discount on Halifax Independent Film Festival tickets
  • If you become a Full Member within 12 months after becoming an Associate Member, the upgrade fee is Full Membership fee minus $40

Limitations of Associate Membership:

  • No equipment rental discounts
  • No voting privileges


  • Pay membership fee
  • Sign membership agreement

Expiry: One year from the date of purchase.

[su_heading size=”20″]Full Membership – $80[/su_heading]


  • All the benefits of Associate Membership
  • AFCOOP Equipment and facilities rental discounts at ¼ commercial rates
  • Member Privilege Account, which includes term invoicing for various film service companies and includes discounts
  • Additional discounts at select film services companies
  • Access to AFCOOP’s Production Insurance program
  • Access to AFCOOP’s / ACTRA Fraternal Benefit Society Drug, Health and Dental Care Insurance Program
  • Eligible to apply to Open Grant production funding program
  • Voting rights and can serve on standing committees
  • Equipment and facilities credit for volunteer hours. 1 Hour = $11 credit, after mandatory 10 volunteer hours per year.


  • Complete 10 volunteer hours
  • Attended one General Meeting and one Orientation Meeting.
  • Have a sponsor who is a Full Member in good standing
  • Get voted in by membership at a General Meeting
  • Pay membership fee (in person at AFCOOP)
  • Sign membership agreement

Expiry: One year from the date of become a member.

[su_heading size=”20″]Graduating Film School Membership – Free[/su_heading]

Are you graduating from film school this spring? You’re eligible for a free AFCOOP Full Membership! Get access to affordable equipment, facilities and workshops and join a community of like-minded filmmakers!

In order to redeem your FREE ACOOP Full Membership you need to:

  • Present proof of graduating from a film program (NSCAD, NSCC, the Centre for Arts and Technology or similar)
  • Complete 10hrs of volunteer work at AFCOOP
  • Get voted in at an AFCOOP General Meeting

Contact AFCOOP’s Education Coordinator for more info on how to volunteer

You have 6 months after graduating to claim your membership.

[su_heading size=”20″]Production Membership – $180[/su_heading]


  • Discounts on non-commercial projects as per equipment rental policy
  • Discounts on workshops


  • Pay membership fee
  • Sign membership agreement

Expiry: one year from the date of purchase

[su_heading size=”20″]Lifetime Membership[/su_heading]
Please contact to determine eligibility


  • All the benefits of Full Membership
  • You no longer have to pay annual membership fees


  • Must have been a Full Member for 10 years or more, not necessarily consecutive
  • Must have completed 10 volunteer hours within the year
  • Have a sponsor who is a full member in good standing
  • Get voted in by membership at the AGM
  • Sign membership agreement


Prospective Full Members are to be sponsored by a full member who knows them and their interest in film. Sponsors act as a mentor to the new member by facilitating their understanding of AFCOOP’s operations, facilities and services. The sponsor must make him/herself available to the new member. It is recommended that they meet at least one time after s/he is voted in.

Membership Agreement
This is the form that all new members sign. It communicates the membership policies and ensures that the new member understands how to maintain and upgrade his/her membership. It is where contact information is obtained, so that newsletters and other information can be received. We maintain a database of membership. We ask members to update changes of information by contacting AFCOOP.