Analogue Artist In Residence Workshop Series

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This spring, AFCOOP is hosting four workshops in hands-on, DIY analogue filmmaking, lead by visiting artist Lindsay McIntyre. These workshops are FREE for AFCOOP members and available to non-members for a small fee. The Analogue Artist in Residence Workshop series will include Handmade Emulsion, Film Manipulation / Destruction, JK Optical Printer and Handmade 16mm Cameras. Register now as space is limited.

Lindsay McIntyre is a Canadian film artist of Inuit/Scottish descent working with analog film. Her process-based works circles themes of portraiture, place, form and personal histories with strong links to Canada’s North. She has created 30 short films and does film projection performance. Her works involve experimental and documentary techniques, and since 2011, handmade emulsion.  She holds an MFA in Film Production from Concordia in Montreal and a BFA with Distinction from the University of Alberta. Lindsay will be in Halifax in May and early June, taking part in an artist residency through AFCOOP. As part of her residence she will be creating a piece for presentation at the Halifax Independent Filmmakers Festival June 6th – 9th. 

Handmade Emulsion
Tuesday May 19th, Sunday 20th and Monday 21st – 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM 2018
Cost: FREE for AFCOOP members, $60 non-members (tax included)
Instructor: Lindsay McIntyre
Participants will gain an understanding of the basic film emulsion chemistry and will create a simple, raw, low ISO black and white film stock using three key ingredients in the production of a silver-based emulsion: gelatin, potassium bromide, and silver nitrate. We will collectively shoot some handmade emulsion and then hand-processed it.  See the results by the end of the session. The workshop is aimed at both experienced practitioners and beginners, and includes all film stock, chemistry, supplies and workbook. Topics include: emulsion creation and handling; film coating techniques; DIY; processing; troubleshooting.

Film Manipulation / Destruction
Thursday May 24th – 6:00 PM- 9:00 PM
Cost: FREE for AFCOOP members, $20 non-members (tax included)
Instructor: Lindsay McIntyre
There is a rich history of manual film manipulation and cameraless filmmaking – scratching, bleaching, cutting and pasting and much more! See some of the best of the best and learn how it’s done. Take your experimental filmmaking to the next level with this fun evening-long workshop.

JK Optical Printer
Saturday May 26th, Sunday 27th and Sunday June 3rd – 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Cost: FREE for AFCOOP members, $60 non-members (tax included)
Instructor: Lindsay McIntyre
The optical printer was the most important piece of kit in special effects before the 1990s when computers took over.  For the experimental filmmaker, its importance hasn’t changed. Optical Printing allows filmmakers to re-photograph strips of film and other images onto 16mm. Typically used for creating titles and effects or for copying and restoring old film material, filmmakers take advantage of the machine’s flexibility to use for experimental film projects.Learn the basics of optical printing with AFCOOP’s JK Optical Printer in this hands-on workshop. Topics include: capture of any film format, blowing up Super 8 to 16mm, digital conversion and analogue special effects including step and skip printing, speed changes, blow ups, masking, travelling mattes, titles and other fun effects. Hands-on exercises over two weekends will familiarize participants with this versatile piece of equipment.

Handmade 16mm Cameras
Date: Saturday June 2nd – 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Instructor: Lindsay McIntyre
Cost: FREE for AFCOOP members, $20 non-members
In this workshop, Lindsay McIntyre will show you how to make one of the simplest and earliest photographic devices – the pinhole. We’ll go over the basics of pinhole photography and you’ll understand how light, aperture, focal length and the camera obscura come into play. You’ll learn how to construct your own 16mm motion picture pinhole camera from scratch and how to use pinhole lenses on other motion picture cameras.  We’ll also test out our new devices and hand-process the results. Handmade cameras are yours to keep after the workshop.

This workshop series is generously supported with funding from Arts Nova Scotia and the Canada Council for the Arts.

ABOUT AFCOOP: The Atlantic Filmmakers Cooperative (AFCOOP) is a non-profit, community organization dedicated to supporting the production and presentation of independent film and moving image-based work in a collaborative, learning environment.

AFCOOP operates with generous support from the Canada Council for the Arts, the Province of Nova Scotia and the City of Halifax.