Telefilm Talent To Watch – AFCOOP Nomination

AFCOOP is now accepting applications for another instalment of the Telefilm Canada Talent to Watch Program (formerly known as the Micro-Budget Program). The Talent to Watch Program is a production opportunity for first-time feature filmmakers, with an emphasis on digital and online distribution models. For more information about the program visit the Telefilm site.

The Telefilm Talent to Watch Program will provide financing for the development, production, digital distribution and promotion of a feature-length film or a narrative-based web series made specifically for online distribution. Once completed, the projects must be made available to the public through one or more digital platforms (e.g. web portals, video portals such as YouTube or Netflix, video on demand, mobile platforms/devices, etc.).

Telefilm will support projects through a non-repayable financial contribution of up to $150,000 for feature films and up to $125,000 for narrative-based web projects of 75 minutes and more in total length. Telefilm’s financial contribution must be used to cover direct expenses relating to the development, production, post-production, distribution and promotion of the project.

AFCOOP is eligible to recommend one feature film and one narrative web-based project for both the Main Component and the Indigenous Component. Additionally, filmmakers can apply through the Fast Track Stream or the Festival Selection Stream, if they are eligible. For more information about those streams please visit the Telefilm site.  

AFCOOP invites current AFCOOP members (Associate, Full or Lifetime) seeking a recommendation from AFCOOP to forward a complete Recommendation Phase Application to AFCOOP on or before Feb. 18th 2020 at midnight for review by an AFCOOP assembled peer jury.