Balcony Diaries – PRIDE Edition Films online + Q&A

Congratulations to all the filmmakers who made work through our latest Balcony Diaries Weekend Film Challenge – PRIDE Edition! Through the project, participants were challenged to make a short film from start to finish over the course of a single weekend (while maintaining social distancing rules).

They were given the following challenge restrictions:

Theme: Amplification
Prop: A tacky keychain with many keys

The films are now online and voting is open! Like your favourite on Vimeo and the film with the most likes will win a gift card from Venus Envy and Glitter Bean cafe! Voting is open till Sunday, July 26th.

Also check out our Zoom interview with the filmmakers hosted by HIFF Coordinator Tara Thorne!


“You are BIG” by Tyson Wagley

“Needy Gonsalves – Brand New Key” by Heidi J. Loos

“STAY (T)RUE” by Habib Cané Ceballos & Lizette Abigail Sánchez Lara

“Trouble” by Lisa Buchanan & Adam Myatt

“Small Todd” by Zack Greenham

“inconvenient woman” by Gee Stewart

Happy Pride!