FILM 1 Program Announcement!

Announcing the Participants in the 2020/21 FILM 1 Program

Modelled on our former, and long-running, One-Minute-Film Program, FILM 1 is a participatory filmmaking program for first time/emerging filmmakers. In the program participants receive training and resources to make a one-minute film on a subject of their choosing. The films will be shot this winter and premiere in the spring of 2021.  

This year the program will include:

Reva Bhardwaj | Home School

Hector Campbell | Uncaged Melody

Kelly O’Neil | Covid 19: Things Received

Kathleen Dorian | Flimsy

Anuj Tiwari | Byzantine

Tina Hennigar | Hello Self

Jodi Brown | It’s Bigger Than Basketball

Jarrett Gabriel | The Family Man

Joaquin Cardona | Cinema of the Dead

Stepheny Hunter | I Am Not A Woman


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