AFCOOP New Member Connect

AFCOOP is looking for existing Full and Lifetime Members to volunteer to welcome new members through our New Member Connect initiative!

Like any organization, when someone first joins AFCOOP it can be a bit overwhelming. What are my responsibilities as a member? How can I connect with the community? How do volunteer hours work?

To welcome new members and share with them some of the basics about AFCOOP, we’re introducing the New Member Connect program which will pair existing Full and Lifetime Members with new Full Members for an informal online conversation / orientation shortly after the new member joins.

The goal with these sessions is to help members meet each other and share knowledge and resources. This is peer-to-peer mentorship and we’re not expecting the existing Full Members to have all the answers! Staff will conduct a pre-meeting and will attempt to pair members who have similar or complementary interests and / or skills.

How it works:

Existing Full and Lifetime Members register their interest in helping with the program.

After each GM when new Full Members join they will be paired (if they want to be!) with one of our existing members.

Members meet by a mutually agreed means (phone, Zoom, in person) for a conversation about AFCOOP and the film community.

That’s it!

If you are interested in participating in this program please email Iain:

Please note this is a volunteer role and time will be counted towards volunteer hours.