AFCOOP Archives — Call for Media

Secure your place in film history!

The AFCOOP Archives project wants to save your films from the ravages of time. If you have work that you created in an AFCOOP program, grant or used AFCOOP equipment in making it, we would love to include it in the archive we’re creating to capture AFCOOP’s 48-year history. Films will be digitized or ingested (if required) and stored at AFCOOP in our dedicated ‘vault’ server. A text-based record of the work will also be included in a public database for research and other opportunities (like an IMDb for AFCOOP films). But that’s not all! Optionally, we will also host your film on AFCOOP’s new streaming media service at no cost. No, it’s not too good to be true, it’s all part of the goal of making sure that every AFCOOP film lives on and can be seen in the future.

Currently, we are only taking Beta SP, Digi beta, ¾ “ Umatic tape and digital files (whatever you got that is the best you got). We’re looking for master-level quality but if all you have is VHS we’ll take that too. We can’t take 16mm film right now but we will put out a big call for that when we’re ready.

Step 1: Fill out this form (one form per title/film)

Step 2: We’ll email you to confirm and arrange to bring your media in. That’s it!

Get your AFCOOP-related works out of the closet/basement/fire and bring it to us… it’s for The Future!