AFCOOP Works in Progress

Ever wanted to talk about an idea for a film but didn’t know where to go to get started? Or perhaps you’re having trouble with the second draft of your latest screenplay? Maybe you’re struggling with a new rough cut of your film? Sound familiar? We’ve all wanted someone to bounce ideas off at some point in our filmmaking journey but sometimes finding that person/those people can prove challenging. Which is why AFCOOP is starting a monthly filmmaking conversation drop-in called Works in Progress!

How it Works: Every month we will have a free in-person meeting (following the current health and safety guidelines in place at the time) facilitated by staff. During the meeting people are welcome to ask questions, share ideas, offer feedback etc. about any stage in the filmmaking process (we define “in progress” quite broadly). With two-days advance notice we will also screen rough cuts or footage if requested.

When is it: The second Thursday of the month beginning at 6:00 p.m.

Who can attend: Anyone. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or are just starting to make films there is room for you and you’re more than welcome. The only thing we ask is that you treat everyone with the respect we all deserve. Also, AFCOOP Works in Progress is open to both AFCOOP members and non-members—and it’s absolutely free!

Questions: Please feel free to reach out to our programs coordinator Iain if you have any questions or want to send film footage/cuts: