Congrats to our summer 2022 grant recipients!


Congratulations to the recipients of this round of AFCOOP’s grants for filmmakers!

Our filmmaking grants support the production of local independent films through in-kind equipment and resources, and they’re selected through a peer-jury process. The deadline for applications to the next round of grants is December 10, 2022 — for more details, click here. 

Our summer 2022 recipients are:

Feedback Loop & Independent Filmmakers Grant

Brandon Lorimer | Dwelling

Razz checks into a storage facility as their new place of residence, telling themselves it’s just until they make a plan to get back on their feet. But as the voices from neighbouring lockers tug away at Razz’s psyche, there seems to be no escaping their dwelling.

First Thing Grant

Harpo McCarthy | Park Bench

Park Bench is a surrealist comedy short about encounters with strangers, and the wild things they have to say.

Super 8 Bursary

Joyce MacDonald | Seallagain (Glimpses)

Two sisters take a trip to the beach for fun and relaxation, but a family curse catches up with them there.

No Analogue Film Grant was awarded this round.