Congrats to the Linda Joy Award winners!


Thanks to everyone who joined us at Good Robot Brewing last week for the Linda Joy & AIFF Awards Ceremony. We were thrilled to gather together and announce the winners of this year’s Linda Joy Award and Linda Joy Post Award.

Congratulations to our 2022 winners:


Lynn Matheson | Stick or Snake

Stick or Snake is a short film exploring a father’s and daughter’s relationship. They take a short walk and play her favourite game of identifying whether the object on the ground is a stick or a snake with surprising results.


Juliet Mawusi | My Black Father

My Black Father is about addressing the stereotype in the black community about Black fathers being absent in their children’s lives. This stereotype, like many other racial ones, was introduced decades ago and has refused to die. In this film, we will realize that’s usually not the issue, these men go through a lot, generational traumas, incarcerations, broken homes and others. If society finds ways and means to help these men instead of condemning them, they will be the better fathers some are trying to be.


The Linda Joy Media Arts Society was founded in 1986 to commemorate the contributions and legacy of Nova Scotia filmmaker and former AFCOOP Coordinator, Linda Joy Busby, who died of breast cancer at the age of 34. The film Linda Joy, which was started by Linda Joy Busby to share her experience during a period of remission, was later completed by friend and fellow filmmaker Bill MacGillivray. Proceeds from the sale of this film comprised the foundation of the initial society.

Since 2018, AFCOOP has taken over the administration of the Linda Joy Awards, which are given out once a year, typically during the Atlantic International Film Festival in September.

The Linda Joy Award and the Linda Joy Post Award consist of cash and in-kind services designed to help filmmakers in the Atlantic region produce a new piece of film or media art.