FILM 5 Announcements


AFCOOP is pleased to announce the teams and projects selected for Phase I of this year’s FILM 5 program. FILM 5 is a professional development program for Nova Scotia directors, writers and producers. A jury of film industry professionals recently selected four teams and projects to receive training and mentorship this fall.

As long as teams meet certain program benchmarks they will move into Phase II in the winter and receive over $30,000 in cash and services to produce a short film to be made in the spring of 2023. Congratulations!

This year’s selected teams and projects are:

Entrée | Writer/Director Akshay Shirke | Producer Sehmat Suri

Synopsis: During the chaotic lead up to a Thanksgiving dinner in Halifax, two Indian immigrants find themselves at odds about how to find their place in a new culture.

Imposter Syndrome | Writer/Director Violet Shoshana Pask | Producer Marley O’Brien

Synopsis: A disc jockey is haunted by her car radio.

Mello, Judd, & Toothfloss | Writer/Director Emily Flynn | Producer Chelsea Innes

Synopsis: Mello, Judd, & Toothfloss is a slice-of-life short about two friends who sit in their car by the ocean on their lunch break. An afternoon of people watching, storytelling and the willful ignorance of sonder.

Remnants | Writer/Director Barrett Hooper | Producer Kate Devlin

Synopsis: Set over a single weekend, Remnants is an intimate drama about a son struggling to connect with his widowed father, and the cruelest of horrors in which aging, illness and dementia are haunting them both.

Alongside the creative teams, FILM 5 also trains aspiring technical crew through the Trainee Program. FILM 5 Trainees receive classroom instruction and on-set mentorship and experience working as crew members on FILM 5 shoots.

AFCOOP will hold info sessions about this component of the program in January 2023 and the trainee program workshops will begin shortly afterwards.

FILM 5 is presented by the Atlantic Filmmakers Cooperative with the assistance of the Province of Nova Scotia, Telefilm Canada, RBC & CBC. Other FILM 5 sponsors include: William F. Whites International, 902 Post, IATSE 849, IATSE 667, and the Directors Guild of Canada.