Announcing the 2023-24 FILM 5 Cohort

We’re very excited to announce the 2023-24 cohort for AFCOOP’s FILM 5 program!

Congratulations to the teams:

The Kitchen Sink (dir. Olivia King, prod. Christine DiGiosia)

A traditional Maritime image: three generations of P.E.I. women wash dishes at the kitchen sink. Their generational differences and their capacity to change are revealed when one of their own begins his transition.

Gaslit (dir. Anna Maclean, prod. Jamie Hammond)

Gaslit is the story of a woman who goes to dangerous lengths to convince her partner that she was not responsible for a fart.

Jonah (dir. Katie Clarke, prod. James MacLean)

Alice and Jonah have been dating for two months when Jonah’s dad gets drunk and humiliates his son while chaperoning their high-school track meet. Alice is desperate to ease Jonah’s shame but finds herself unsure of her own needs as he uses their relationship to regain a sense of control.

Flimsy (dir. Kathleen Dorian, prod. Gina Thornhill)

Flimsy is a poignant and surreal short film that explores themes of grief, closure and moving on. The story follows Fiona, a young woman who is coping with the loss of her estranged friend Audrey. As she returns from Audrey’s funeral her life takes a bizarre turn when everything around her turns into paper. Flimsy is a unique and emotionally charged story that illustrates the complex feelings around grief, even as we let go of the past and learn how to continue moving forward.