1.1 Only members and renters in good standing with AFCOOP may book equipment and/or facilities (see GOOD STANDING POLICY). 

1.2 Bookings for equipment and/or facilities must be made 24 hours in advance of pick up date.

1.3 The Technical and Production Coordinator must confirm all bookings.

1.4 Bookings shall be done on a first come, first serve basis.

1.5 In the event of a same date cross booking, AFCOOP programs and workshops shall hold first priority followed by all other rentals.

1.6 No facility shall be occupied without prior booking and confirmation by an AFCOOP staff person.

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1.7 All cancellation of bookings must be done 24 hours in advance of the check out date or a full day’s rental will be charged. If unforeseen circumstances are involved then, at the Technical and Production Coordinator’s discretion, a reprieve may be given.

1.8 No equipment shall leave the AFCOOP premises without first being booked and confirmed by the Technical and Production Coordinator.

1.9 Any renter wishing to book gear for longer than four weeks must seek permission from the Production Committee.


2.1 All equipment pick-ups and drop offs must take place between 9am-5pm from Tuesday-Friday, excluding all Statutory Holidays.

2.2 All outgoing equipment should be checked by the renter to ensure their package is complete. 

2.3 It is the Technical and Production Coordinator’s responsibility to ensure that all rented gear is cleaned and in working condition before it goes out. The renter shall return the equipment in the same condition.

2.4 No equipment shall be given to the renter unless a rental contract is signed. By signing the contract the renter agrees that the equipment was in good working order when they took it out and that they are responsible for the equipment while in their possession.

2.5 Renters must demonstrate competence to the satisfaction of the Technical and Production Coordinator on the equipment they wish to rent. Failure to do so voids their booking. If the renter is not going to use the equipment personally they must obtain clearance for their operators.

2.6 Renters who do not possess sufficient competence with a piece of equipment or those who fail to demonstrate such competence must arrange for a gear demo with the Technical and Production Coordinator before the gear will be rented to them. Such tutorials should be arranged in advance as the Technical and Production Coordinator may not have time to give them at the last minute.



a) Full Members are eligible for discounted rental rates on equipment and facilities; Full Member Rate (generally 75% off Regular Rate) or Production Member/Collaborative Rate (generally 50% off Regular Rate). Eligibility for discounted rates is determined by two criteria: copyright and creative control;

– copyright is defined as ‘the right to produce copies of an artistic work”,

– creative control is defined either as “final cut” or “total artistic control over a completed artistic work”

b) AFCOOP does not recognize incorporated parties or production companies with respect to discounted rate eligibility: discounted rates may only be rewarded on the basis of a Full Member as an individual (or a group of Full Members collaborating).

c) All determinations of appropriate rental rate category are at the discretion of the Technical and Production Coordinator. Any Full Member wishing to object to a determination made by the AFCOOP staff person must submit a formal complaint to the Production Committee for review.


a) Full Members in Good Standing with AFCOOP (see GOOD STANDING POLICY) are 

eligible for the Full Member Rate on equipment and facilities rentals for projects wherein they have creative control and copyright.

b) Special consideration may be given to members of other co-ops and artist-run centres through the Visiting Member Access Program. In such a case, the Visiting Member must supply to Technical and Production Coordinator proof of the status of their membership from the approved organization. The Visiting Member will then be afforded Full Member rates for a period of no more than 6 months. The Visiting Member will, of course, be subject to the same regulations as Full Members.

c) Visiting Members are bound to the same guidelines as Full Members regarding Regular Rate charges and good standing (see GOOD STANDING POLICY).


a) Production Members in Good Standing with AFCOOP (see GOOD STANDING POLICY) are eligible for a reduced market rate on equipment and facilities rentals for projects wherein they have creative control and copyright. This rate is generally 50% off Regular rates.

b) Collaborative Rate (generally 50% off Regular Rate) is available to a production in which a Full Member in Good Standing is collaborating with a Non-Member. The Full Member must have full creative control or copyright, or be sharing both criteria equally. 

c) Production Member and Collaborative Rate rentals are bound to the same guidelines as Full Members regarding Regular Rate charges.


a) All productions which do not qualify for Full Member, Production Member, or Collaborative rates shall be charged the Regular Rates on all equipment/facilities rentals. 


a) Equipment rental rates are billed on a daily basis. Facilities rental rates shall be offered at daily rates.

b) Renters must pay the full rental cost of their packages upon pick-up or immediately upon return. If the renter fails to do so, they will not be able to make another rental until the outstanding balance is paid. 


Request full Equipment and Facilities Access Policy for Section 4) Facilities Security Agreement.


5.1 Renting equipment and facilities at AFCOOP’s Full Member, Production Member, Collaborative or Visiting Member Rates constitutes the equivalent of a grant and as such, renters receiving these rates shall give AFCOOP a credit in the completed work. 

5.2 Renters are responsible for all property contained within the facility during the period they occupy said facility. Failure to show adequate care for the property contained within said facility, or theft of any items whatsoever from the facility will lead to suspension of renting privileges and/or membership. If it has been determined that damage to or loss of booked equipment/property arises from neglect, misuse or theft, the renter shall be responsible for the whole of the repair and/or replacement costs plus shipping, regardless of insurance coverage.

5.3 The renter is completely responsible for AFCOOP equipment and facilities booked in their name, even if another person is present during the facility usage.

5.4 The renter is financially liable for repairs to and loss of any equipment contained in the facilities while under their use. In the case where the equipment is covered by AFCOOP’s insurance policy, the renter shall be responsible for the whole of the deductible.

5.5 If problems or damages occur while the renter is in possession of equipment, it is their responsibility to alert the Technical and Production Coordinator as soon as possible so prompt repair arrangements can be made. Under no circumstances will any renter attempt to repair equipment on their own without consultation with the Technical and Production Coordinator. Failure to report any damage to rented equipment will lead to a loss of renting privileges and may lead to a revocation of membership.

5.6 If it is determined that false information (creative control, person using equipment) is given in the process of renting and/or facilities, the renter shall have their renting privileges revoked and their membership may be suspended.

5.7 Theft of any AFCOOP property will result in immediate suspension of membership and legal prosecution.


6.1 All of AFCOOP’s equipment valued over $2,500 is covered under our insurance policy. 

6.2 In order for rented equipment to be covered under AFCOOP’s insurance policy, renters must be a 

member of the co-op (Associate, Full, Lifetime or Production). 

6.3 Renters who are not members must present proof of additional insurance with AFCOOP named on the policy. Outside insurance policies must be approved by our Executive Director before pick-up. 


7.1 The interpretation of the definitions (non-commercial, for-profit, copyright, creative control, etc.) contained within this document are at the sole discretion of the Technical and Production Coordinator. Any disputes regarding the nature of these definitions or their application must be submitted to the Production Committee in writing. Payment for rented facilities may not be withheld pending their decisions.

7.2 Any disagreement with any of these policies or their enforcement must be appealed to the Production Committee in writing.


I, the Renter, will rent equipment with the complete understanding that:

  • Only those individuals who are qualified and/or cleared by the Technical and Production Coordinator will be using the rented equipment.

  • Rental rate is determined by the membership status of the person/s who hold/s creative control and copyright over the project. A Full or Production Member may not ‘transfer’ their status to a project that they do not have creative control or copyright of, even if they are operating the rented equipment. 

  • All potential renters must be ‘in-good-standing’, meaning that they have no outstanding debts or dues owed to AFCOOP. Refer to AFCOOP’s Good-Standing Policy.

  • Full and Production Member rates are considered subsidies from AFCOOP and as such the renting person/project must give proper acknowledgement to AFCOOP in their credits.

  • For equipment rented which is over $2,500 in value, renters must be either a member of the co-op (Associate, Full Member, Lifetime or Production) or present proof that AFCOOP’s equipment is covered through separate insurance.   

I, the Renter, will also rent AFCOOP equipment with the complete understanding that I am wholly responsible for the replacement cost of any item damaged, lost or stolen while in my possession, up to $2,500. For equipment where the repair or replacement cost is over $2,500, a deductible of $2,500 must be paid to AFCOOP, and the remainder of the cost will be covered under AFCOOP’s insurance.

I also understand that the Atlantic Filmmakers Cooperative, its Board of Directors and staff are not responsible for any damages to persons, places or property arising from the use of AFCOOP equipment.  I acknowledge that it is my responsibility to read the Halifax Film Guidelines (or applicable Municipal guidelines) and to take all necessary precautions regarding safety during the use of AFCOOP equipment.


Passed by Board of Directors 05/12//04

Revised Dec.1/04

“In good standing” is defined as an individual (or organisation) that has all appropriate member dues paid and:

  1. Has all debts (Member Reimbursements, rentals, supply sales, etc.) to AFCOOP paid in full. 


B1) is currently enrolled in a payment plan and is no more than 30 days 

late in their payments.


B2) has a combined debt to AFCOOP of no more than $499.99 over thirty days due. 


C) Is in full satisfaction of any and all contractual obligations to AFCOOP including grant requirements, membership responsibilities and others.