An AFCOOP Holiday Gear Deal (and Office Closure)

AFCOOP will be closed for the holiday season from December 20–January 4. During that time, don’t miss our holiday gear deal! Gear rented for our entire closure (Dec. 17 pick-up) will only be billed for three days. That’s 14 days for free! For more info, email our Technical Coordinator, Abner Collette: abner@afcoop.ca

WorkPrint — November 2021

Rose Schoonhoven can’t really be sure when the need to film is going to strike. Sometimes it’s planned months in advance after meticulous location tracking, other times it emerges impromptu when she happens upon a patch of particularly striking lupins.

AFCOOP Holiday Party + Screening

Come celebrate the holiday season with AFCOOP on December 15 at our Holiday Screening + Party!

There will be snacks, drinks, a warm sense of comfort and good cheer — plus a special presentation of films made for AFCOOP’s Holiday Film Challenge! After the films, the audience will vote to pick a winner.

Holiday Film Challenge

AFCOOP is bringing the year to a close with a weekend Holiday Film Challenge! Participants will be tasked with writing, shooting, editing and submitting a 2–5 minute short film in the span of a weekend between Friday, December 10, at 5 p.m. to Monday, December 13, at 12 p.m. Registration is open now until Wednesday, December 8. Participants can register as an individual or work with a team.

WorkPrint — October 2021

In this month’s WorkPrint, we dig into the lineup of this year’s Hellifax Horror Fest with Angus Swantee and get Halloween film recommendations from horror aficionados Nicole Steeves and Struan Sutherland!