Board of Directors

As a cooperative, AFCOOP is governed by its members. Every member has the opportunity to serve on the Board of Directors or Committees, and full members are entitled to voting privileges at AFCOOP’s quarterly meetings.

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) is held once a year and is the supreme governing body of the organization. The AGM is responsible for electing a Board of Directors (no less than seven and no more than ten) responsible for the governance of AFCOOP in between Annual General Meetings.

Board Members 2020 – 2021
Herb Theriault (Chairperson)
Dominic Fegan (Vice Chair)
Jennifer Comeau (Treasurer)
Jenna Murphy (Secretary)
Britney Canzi
Tamar Dina
Israel Ekanem
Colin MacDonald
Mitra Mansouri
Erica Meus-Saunders

Sobaz Benjamin (Ex-Officio)
Cory Bowles (Ex-Officio)
Jeff Wheaton (Ex-Officio)
Bill Niven (Ex-Officio)
Rob Tough (Ex-Officio)