DIY DOC is AFCOOP’s introductory documentary filmmaking program, which will run this spring and summer. It is designed for people with little or no experience who want to learn how to make documentary films. The program is completely free of charge and everyone who applies is accepted, regardless of experience level. 

How It Works

There will be two identical workshop weekends (July 8/9 & July 29/30).  Participants only need to attend one of these workshops.

The first day will begin with an Artist Talk from a local documentary filmmaker, as well as an introductory workshop on the basics of documentary filmmaking. The second day will consist of a group exercise, in which participants will work together to create a 1-2 minute documentary film.


DIY Doc Workshop #1: Ariella Pahlke

DIY Doc Workshop #2: Jackie Torrens


You can apply for a workshop here: 



Afterwards, anyone who attended the workshop and would like to make their own film will be invited to put together a proposal for a short documentary. Proposals will be a longline, as well as an expanded 250 word minimum explanation of the documentary you would like to make. 


During production, each participant will receive an equipment package from AFCOOP suitable for shooting a 5-10 minute documentary during the summer/fall. Afterwards participants will have access to our media suite for post production and when all of the films have finished there will be a public screening.