Film Stock

For over a hundred years motion pictures have been built frame by frame on film stock. In a flutter of celluloid and light through mechanical shutters our relationship with movies has been shaped and conceived.

AFCOOP is committed to promoting and preserving the motion picture film medium, with its many associated practices. AFCOOP Full Members have access to nearly 2000′ of 16mm or 35mm raw film stock from our vault each year, and receive incredibly affordable rates on stellar, industry standard film equipment. AFCOOP provides training in hand-processing, flatbed editing, camera and magazine loading and various other experimental practices including hand-drawn and scratch animation.

We believe film as a medium stands out as being more unique than ever in the current age; an aesthetic reminder of where we come from as filmmakers, a link to our past as moving image artists. AFCOOP is proud to keep that connection to our motion picture roots alive well into the future. Call us today to discuss how you can discover the mysterious thrills and intrigue of working with celluloid film!

Below is a link to rate sheets which will help you to navigate specific gauges of motion picture film to consider working with: Super8, 16mm, Super16 (slightly wider, more cinematic aspect ratio), 35mm, S35 and 35mm 3-perf (more cost-effective and resourceful method of shooting 35mm). AFCOOP Full Members are able to order in film stock such as S8 cartridges or 100′ daylight spools of 16mm direct from Kodak at an incredible discount as part of our Member Reimbursement program. Similarly, AFCOOP facilitates the laboratory side of things, just provide us with your S8 cartridge or rolls of exposed film and a hard drive and we take care of the rest!