How do I sign up to become a trainee?

Step 1. You need to decide what role you’re interested in holding on a FILM 5 shoot (i.e. I want to work in the Camera Dept. or I want to be a sound recordist).
Step 2. Register online for and attend the required workshops for that role. A registration fee of $60 covers the cost of the Set Etiquette workshop only, which is required for all roles.
Step 3.  Fill out the Trainee Application Form, attach a resume and cover letter and email it to programs@afcoop.ca  or mail it to AFCOOP by the deadline.
Step 4. Attend the Trainee Meet and Greet to meet the producers and directors directly.

I missed the info session. Can I still participate?

Absolutely! The info session is not mandatory. Read the info online about the program and if you still have questions, feel free to email programs@afcoop.ca

I have no film experience. Can I still be a trainee?

Yep! The workshops are at an introductory level and are open to all. If this is your first contact with the world of film, a great general role you could hold as a Trainee would be Production Assistant (P.A.) To become a Production Assistant you only need to take one prerequisite workshop, Set Etiquette.

Do FILM 5 trainees get paid?

No. Trainee positions are volunteer, although you can expect to be fed (hopefully very well!) during the production. The way we look at it is that you get experience on a film set, and an on-screen credit which can help you in your film career, whether you decide you want to work in the film industry or to help you make your own films. Trainees make contacts with industry keys that help them get work often long after the program is over. (Please note, depending on the trainee role you have, e.g. art department, you may be asked to do some prep work before the shoot. The best way to know about this in advance is to ask the FILM 5 team or department head.)

I’ve been working in the industry in one role but I want to switch to another. Is the trainee program for me?

For sure! Let’s say you’ve been in the production office for years but you’ve always wanted to try out the Art Department or the Camera Department. The FILM 5 Trainee program is a great place for that, as you can get a quick background in the department of your choice through our stand-alone workshops, and then get an on-screen credit in the role right away. You may be eligible to skip taking the Set Etiquette workshop or some of the other prerequisites. Check with AFCOOP first: programs@afcoop.ca

I went to the Centre for Arts and Technology, NSCC Screen Arts or the NSCAD Film program. Can I still be a trainee?

Yes! The Trainee Program is a great way to segue between school and the industry, as you get to meet and work with keys in each department. Depending on which role you are going for, you may be eligible to skip some of the prerequisite workshops. Check with AFCOOP first: programs@afcoop.ca

Can I work on multiple FILM 5 productions in one year?

Possibly… We try to place everyone who wants to be a Trainee first before we allow people to work on more than one production. So if more than one FILM 5 Producer contacts you to work on their film be sure that you check with the Supervising producer at AFCOOP to make sure you can work on both. Generally the rule is that you can’t hold the same role on multiple productions (but there are exceptions to that as well.)

I was a trainee last year. Can I be one again this year?

Maybe! Again, our goal is to make the Trainee experience available to as many people as possible, so we will try to place new Trainees before we look to Trainees from previous years. HOWEVER, if you want to apply as a different role (i.e. you were a PA last year and now you want to be a Grip) and you’ve taken the prerequisite workshops that is totally acceptable!

I’m going to have to miss the Meet & Greet. Can I still be a trainee?

Yes. The Meet and Greet is important as it gives you a chance to meet the FILM 5 teams and decide who you’d like to work with, however, you can still submit an application to the program. The Producers will look through a binder of Trainee applications in order to do their “hiring”.

I’m an actor and I want to audition for one of the FILM 5 productions.
Cool! The FILM 5 teams are responsible for finding actors for their productions on their own, but you can always contact AFCOOP to recommend yourself to the productions. AFCOOP also puts out a bi-weekly email newsletter to our membership and the film community at large and you are welcome to advertise in it. Send a short blurb about yourself to: office@afcoop.ca

I’m a DOP or grip or sound recordist and I want to work on one of the FILM 5 productions.
Great! The FILM 5 teams are responsible for hiring their own crew, but you can always contact AFCOOP to let us know that you’re interested and we will pass that info along to the teams.

—- Questions? Email programs@afcoop.ca

FILM 5 is presented with the participation of the Province of Nova Scotia and Telefilm Canada