Call for Participants

AFCOOP invites individuals interested in learning about filmmaking and making their first film to register to participate in the FILM 1 program. FILM 1 is an education, production and mentorship program for beginner filmmakers ages 16 years and up. Participants will be given the training and resources to create a one-minute film.

The program runs winter 2023/24 and is completely free of charge. For this year’s offering of FILM 1 everyone who registers will be able to participate. (Please note: registration will be on a first-come, first-served basis and will be structured to ensure a minimum of 50% participation of people from underserved communities.)

Participants will attend one weekend intensive workshop, receive mentorship from professional filmmakers and will be provided with equipment and support to produce their own one-minute-long film. To be eligible to make their film, applicants must be residents of Nova Scotia, demonstrate a commitment to taking part in the program through attendance at workshops and have a feasible idea for a one-minute film. 

Register here

Contact Henry Colin, AFCOOP Programs & Outreach Coordinator, at

Program Outline 

Once admitted to the production phase of the program participants will create their work while going through each of these components:


Once participants are ready to proceed to the making of their films, they will be mentored by the program coordinator and other AFCOOP staff with specific project support. Additionally, AFCOOP will facilitate participant’s introduction to the local filmmaking community. 

Workshop –December 9/10 2023

Participants will attend one of the filmmaking intensive weekend workshops, and group meetings designed to assist with their artistic and project development while providing them with basic technical skills needed to create their film. 

Individual Shoots – January / March 2024

After completing the workshops, participants will shoot their own films over a two-day period using the provided basic camera and sound package. AFCOOP staff will be available to provide guidance, but the participants will retain creative and editorial control and ownership of their projects throughout the program.

Editing – February / April 2024

Each filmmaker will begin editing when they finish shooting their film. Once all participants have completed a rough edit of their film, a group feedback screening will be held for participants, and staff to give feedback about the films.

Screening – TBD summer/fall 2024

The completed films will have their premiere screening at a community screening during 2024. Filmmakers, friends and the public will get a chance to see the finished results on the big-screen. Following the screening, participants will be encouraged to enter their films in film festivals and will be given a list of potential festivals for submission.