Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be a member of AFCOOP to apply to FILM 5?
No. The program is open to the public. Once you are in Phase II one member of your team will need to become a Full Member of AFCOOP, but there will be time to do this within the program.

I’m a director, looking for a producer to apply with. Where can I find someone?
Come to one of the FILM 5 info sessions and introduce yourself to other attendees who may be looking for collaborators. Attend other AFCOOP functions like our party during FIN: The Atlantic International Film Festival to meet people. Post on AFCOOP’s Facebook wall. Email a bit about yourself and your project to to be included in AFCOOP’s BIG email newsletter.

Can I act in my FILM 5 film?
No. You can’t hold any other role in your production other than producer, director or writer. We feel that having the experience of holding one role is valuable and challenging enough!

Can I be a student and be in FILM 5?
No. You cannot be a full time student while in FILM 5. The time commitment necessary for the program is too great to be paired with full time studies. Part-time students may be considered eligible on a case-by-case basis.

Can I raise extra money outside of what’s provided?
Yes! External funding cannot exceed $10,000 and financing cannot affect ownership. The Creative Team must retain complete creative control and ownership of the project throughout the program. Also, if you plan to use the ACTRA training agreement, your TOTAL financing cannot exceed $10,000 cash (that includes the $8,000 that the program gives you).

What’s the time commitment once you are in the program?
In the Development phase you can expect to spend two weekends and 3-4 weeknights attending workshops and training sessions. All events are held after 6pm or on the weekends to allow for those who work during the day. Workshops are mandatory and failure to attend a required workshop may mean that your team is removed from the program. In the Production phase there are fewer workshops but you can expect to spend a great deal of time with your team prepping for your production. Some participants find it useful to take a week off from their day job directly before production in order to get everything in order.

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