FILM 5 Filling out the Budget

Using the Telefilm Micro-Budget – Template

In Kind

  • Do not include any in kind costs in your budget.

Cash Amount

  • If you plan to only get cash from AFCOOP, the total in your budget should equal $8000
  • If you plan to finance your film in other ways, then your total budget will be more than $8000. You should reflect where you are getting your money in your Financing Plan.

In the Telefilm Microbudget Budget Template that you will use throughout FILM 5, you will notice eight columns in your budget.

Screen Shot 2018-06-12 at 3.17.53 PM

The first column is called “Acct”. The Telefilm Micro-Budget Template is split into 81 Categories and within each of these categories there are line items which each have an account number. These category and account numbers will help you organize your receipts after your production and complete your cost report. The account numbers are already in there, so you do not need to touch them. In this example, the category number is 10.00 for CAST and the account number is 10.01 for Principal Actors.

The second column is called Description, this tells you what the line item is. In the example above it says “Principals” which stands for principal actors. The descriptions are also already in the budget so you do not need to touch them.

The third column says “#” this is where you input how many of the line item you are paying for. In this example, we have put “3” in for the 3 principal actors we plan to hire.

The fourth column says “# of units” this is where you input how many units you have. In the example above, the unit is “days” and in FILM 5, you will be hiring your actors for 2 days.

The fifth column says Unit. Here depending on the item line, you might have something different. For labour costs in FILM 5, participants usually have “days” as units and pay their cast and crew by the # of days they worked.

The sixth column says Rate/Amt where you input the rate per unit at which you pay. In the above example, we are paying $100 per day.

The seventh column CASH populates automatically. DO NOT input your own number here, allow it to populate automatically. If you manually input things into this column, it will cause errors in your budget.

The eighth column IN KIND can be ignored for FILM 5.