FILM 5 Financing Plan


If you make it to the production phase of FILM 5, you will receive $8000 cash to go towards the production of your film. Some teams choose to invest more cash into their film and do so either through personal investment, crowd-sourcing, sponsorship or private investment. You are not expected to hand in a Financing Plan until you are applying to Phase Two of the program however it won’t hurt your Phase One application to include one.

Remember, the total cash in your financing plan (how much money you’re getting) should equal the total cash in your budget (how much money you’re spending).

Your financing must be confirmed before production and part of it must be given to AFCOOP as a deposit before production. 

Also, if you plan to use the ACTRA training agreement, your financing cannot exceed $10,000 cash (that includes the $8000 that the program gives you).


Personal investment

  • You invest your own money
  • Must discuss personal investment with team and what happens if there are overages



  • Public Investment through another grant
  • Sponsorship from a corporation

Private Investment

  • Investment from another body


There are a few federal and provincial sources to check out. Most you need to apply for in advance as they take several months to get back to you. In order to receive the green-light to go ahead with your film, you need to have external funding confirmed.

Arts Nova Scotia Funding– Grants to Individuals