About FILM 5

Nova Scotia’s Elite Training Program
for Emerging Filmmakers


FILM 5 is a creative development program for emerging Nova Scotia filmmakers. The program provides a unique blend of classroom instruction, mentorship from experienced filmmakers and hands-on production experience for Writers, Directors, and Producers as well as training for aspiring technical crew.

CREATIVE TEAMS Component – DEADLINE Monday September 23, 2024, Midnight

FILM 5 provides Creative Teams (Writer, Director and Producer) with professional development, project development, and relationship building opportunities. Up to four teams will be accepted and receive training and mentorship through Phase One: Project Development. Teams will attend weekend and evening workshops designed to assist them in the development of their projects. Each Team member must participate in the workshops applicable to their role. Only teams who have participated in the required workshops will be eligible to apply to Phase Two: Production.


The FILM 5 Trainee Crew Component provides aspiring technical crew with the unique opportunity to apply practical skills they have developed in FILM 5 workshops and on-set. Working under professional key crew, trainees receive instruction while gaining invaluable hands-on experience.

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Trainee Program


“[FILM 5] formalized my interest, connected me to the community, and showed me what was possible, and how.” 

―Thom Payne, 2015/16

“Completely opened a new career path to me that I am at the beginning of but very grateful for and excited about.” 

―Margaret Donahoe, 2020/21

“[FILM 5] gives a ton of perspective about so many facets of filmmaking. I learned a ton of the logistical elements but also grew as a writer and built relationships with people I continue to work with. It’s an invaluable program, and I appreciate my time in [FILM 5] very much.” 

―Adam Myatt, 2018/19

“FILM 5 and the programs I took at AFCOOP were the educational foundation that got me into the film industry. [FILM 5] was the most valuable thing that’s ever happened to me. Between the hands on education and the network of people you get to know, [FILM 5] was vital for my career starting point. The cost of the courses are so reasonable that nearly anyone can afford to take part.” 

―Chloe Chaytor, 2017/18

“The FILM 5 program was the perfect program to kickstart my career as a filmmaker. I am now in the works on several other short films, which I feel confident entering into after the incredible tools and resources given from the program. I have made many friends and connections through the program, which I am extremely grateful for. I am proud to call myself an alumni of FILM 5.” 

―Brielle LeBlanc, 2020/21

“When I say FILM 5 was one of the best experiences in my life, I truly mean it! I first participated in FILM 5 as a trainee in 2017 and then went on to make my own FILM 5 in 2020/2021. The workshops, the mentors and new friends made through the program, have provided a great source of inspiration to me as an artist. As someone who has never gone to film school, I am so grateful for the support of AFCOOP and look forward to future experiences in the industry because of this amazing organization. THANK YOU!” 

―Samantha Horak, 2020/21 

FILM 5 Alumni

Dear Dad, F*@# You! – Samantha Horak (Writer/Director), A.M. Cooper (Producer)
DOORS – Alexandra McDonald (Writer/Director), Shelby McDonald (Writer/Producer)
MAID – Melānie Mendez Munden (Writer/Director), Sandrella Mohanna (Producer)
The Year Long Boulder – Brielle LeBlanc (Writer/Director), Seán Galway (Producer)

The Agnostics – Rebecca Falvey (Writer/Director), Meghan Hubley (Producer)
Baduk – Induk Lee (Writer/Director), Kelsey Power (Producer)
First Kiss – Margaret Donahoe (Writer/Director), Caroline Whelan (Producer)
There is Enough for Everybody – Jinos Akhtarkhavari (Co-Writer/Director),  Ehsan Yazdani (Co-Writer/Producer)


– Adam Myatt (Writer/Director), Lisa Buchanan (Producer)

Cockblock – Tamar Dina (Writer/Director), Cormekia Clayton (Producer)

Faith – Keelin Jack (Writer/Director), Victoria Jeha (Producer)

Welcome Ahlan wa Sahlan – Nicole Slaunwhite (Co-Writer/Director), Tim Hanley (Co-Writer/Producer)


Drown the Lovers
– Israel Ekanem (Writer/Director), Monica Bell-Ekanem (Producer)

Greenness – Tori Fleming (Co-Writer/Director), Morgan Salter (Co-Writer/Producer)
It All Ends
– Jessica Smallwood (Co-Writer/Director), Andrew Mortimer (Co-Writer/Producer)

Passage – Henry Colin (Writer/Director), Chelsea Hoyt (Producer)

Dirty Milk
– Yalitsa Riden (Writer/Director)
Duet – Andrew Coll (Writer/Director), Mohammad Mallahi (Producer)

Horizontal Concavity – Koumbie (Writer/Director), Kevin Hartford (Producer)



Black Guitar
– Devin Casario (Writer/Director), Todd Fraser (Producer)
Charlie’s P.O.C. – Kevin Hartford (Writer/Director), Thom Payne (Producer)

Tipping Point – Stephanie Young (Writer/Director), Jake Ivany (Producer)
Nightcall – Nicole Holland (Writer/Director), Jessica Smallwood (Producer)



– Daniel Boos (Writer/Director), Lynn Matheson (Producer)


Paper Thin – Jeff Parker (Writer/Director), Dominic Fegan (Producer)

Sleeping Beauty – Sarah Gignac (Writer/Director), Andrea Levesque (Producer)

Una Forma de Partir: A Way To Go – Joshua Young (Writer/Director), Charles McLearn (Producer)




The Hold Up – Struan Sutherland (Writer/Director), Andre Pettigrew (Producer)

Hero D – Dave Mullins (Writer/Director), Sahar Yousefi (Producer)

I Am Syd Stone – Denis Theriault (Writer/Director), Colin Davis (Producer)

Playing House – Nicole Steeves (Writer/Director), Jenna Murphy (Producer)



EDNOS – Stephanie Clattenburg (Writer/Director), Naomi-Joy Blackhall Butler (Writer/Producer)

Green – Heather Young (Writer/Director), Brittany Amos (Producer)

Nigredo – Kristen Swinkles (Writer/Director), Bretten Hannam (Producer)

Two Penny Road Kill – Lisa Rose Snow (Writer/Director), Lora Campbell (Producer)


Car 210
– Matt MacIsaac (Writer/Director), Mike Hall (Producer)

Irene – Vicki Donkin (Writer/Director), Colin Tanner (Producer)

Lucky – Josh Denaro (Writer/Director), Jenn Millington (Producer)

Torturous – Angus Swantee (Writer/Director), Brent MacRae (Producer)


Deep End – Bretten Hannam (Writer/Director), Rob Evong (Producer)

First Words – Fabien Melanson (Writer/Director), Simon Thibault (Producer)

Sandwich Crazy – Brittany Amos (Writer), Michael Doucette (Director), Evan Elliot (Producer)

Those Forgotten – Alyssa Buchanan (Writer/Director), Evan Jobb (Producer)



Rhonda’s Party – Ashley McKenzie (Director), Christine Comeau (Writer), Nelson MacDonald (Producer)

Dream Girl – Caley MacLennan (Director), Eric Duncan (Producer)

Like Father – Jesse Harley (Writer/Director), Chris Turner (Producer)

Senior Barista – Jason Levangie (Writer/Director), Marc Tetreault (Writer/Producer)


Two Men, Two Cows, Two Guns – Pardis Parker (Writer/Director), Laura MacKenzie (Producer)
DWB – Reed Jones (Writer/Director), Ryan Boon (Writer/Producer)

Super Science – Joel MacKenzie (Writer/Director), Mark Purdy (Writer/Producer)

Daddy’s Little Girl – Luckas Cardona (Writer/Director), Janice Villagomez (Producer)


Pawnshop – Evany Rosen (Writer), Andrew Bush (Director), Angus Swantee (Producer) 

Golden Age – Namir Ahmed (Writer/Director), Tom Power (Producer)

Paper Hearts – Joey Adrian MacNeil (Writer/Director), Herb D’Entremont (Producer)
Ugly Girl – Sarah Byrne (Writer/Director) Rebecca Sharratt (Producer)

Moving Day
– John Davies (Writer, Director) , Jason Eisener (Producer)

You Can’t Do That on Film Anymore – Greg Jackson (Writer, Director), Jessica Brown (Producer)

Falling Inside – Rosemary Hanson (Writer, Director), Heather Wilkinson (Producer)
A Change in Tempo – Ron McDougall (Writer/Director), Todd Jackson (Producer)


The Wake of Calum MacLeod
– Marc Almon (Writer/Director), Nona MacDermid (Producer)

Crossing Over – Cam Erais (Writer/Director), Nick Murphy (Writer/Producer)

The Pulp $5 – Rob Calnen (Writer/Director) Craig Layton (Producer)

Nimby – Grace Junkie (Writer), Evan Brown (Director), Edwin Pavey (Producer)


The Changing Room – Kyle Cameron (Writer/Director), Jeff Wheaton (Producer)

Kona – Siddhartha Fraser (Writer/Director), Kevin Fraser (Producer)

Mine – Joanne Kerrigan (Writer/Director), Bruce McKenna (Producer)
The War Poet – Paul McNeill (Writer/Director), John Feron (Producer)

Driven – Gillian Matheson (Writer/Director), Ron McDougall (Producer)
Don’t, Don’t Break Up With Megan – Jay Dahl (Writer/Director), Sandra Larson (Producer)

Reality – Michael Sanderson (Director), Marrianne Lecocq (Producer)
Masquerade – Patrick Blackie (Writer, Director), Sean Beckwith (Producer)
Planely Dreaming – Becky Parsons (Writer, Director), Selena Landon (Producer)
The Crawlers – Jennifer Tilley (Writer, Producer), Steven Kriszan (Director)

Lighter Game – Chris Fost (Writer/Director), Sean Doyle (Producer)
Shredded – Ruby Boutilier (Writer/Director), Craig Moore (Producer/Writer)

Red Glove – Ameesha Joshi ( Director), Robert Blackie (Producer)
Trombone Trouble – Deanne Foley (Writer/Director), Bronwen Kyffin (Producer)

Zoe’s Waltz – Jennifer Zimmer (Writer/Director), Natasha Ryan (Producer)
A Fair Tale of Two Grudgelings – Jason Goodyear (Writer/Director), Will Fraser (Producer)


Wound Up – Andrea Dorfman (Director), Margaret Harrison (Producer)

Ethan’s Walk – John Hillis (Writer/Director), Sean Kelly (Producer)


Aberistiwith  Andrew Kaufman (Writer/Director), Andy Pedersen (Producer)

Helen’s Inheritance – Lee-Ann Gillan (Writer/Director/Producer), Marcia Connolly (Writer, Director)

Terminal Lunch – Scott Simpson (Director), Craig Cameron (Producer), Evangelo Kioussis (Producer)
For Alice – Allan Munro (Producer/Director), David Middleton (Producer, Writer)
Bird in the House – Michael Greer (Director), Ron Foley MacDonald (Producer), Iain MacLeod (Writer)

Roids – David Middleton (Writer/Director), Evangelo Kioussis (Producer)

Cherries – Thom Fitzgerald (Writer/Director), Shandi Mitchell (Producer)


FILM 5 Achievements

  • Baduk (2020) won Best Atlantic Short at the 2021 FIN Atlantic International Film Festival.
  • Bound (2015) won Best Short Film at the Screen Nova Scotia Awards.
  • The Hold Up (2014) won the Shart Select Award at the Shärt International Comedy Film Festival, Best Ensemble Cast at the Austin Comedy Short Film Festival, and Best Humour Film at San Diego Comic-Con.
  • I Am Syd Stone (2014) won Best Canadian Short Film at Silver Wave Film Festival 2014 and was picked up for distribution by UK distributor Peccadillo Picture’s Series “Boys on Film.”
  • The lead actress from Two Penny Road Kill (2013) Shelley Thompson won Outstanding Female Performance in a Short Film at the 2013 ACTRA Awards. Two Penny Road Kill won Best Short Film at Silverwave Film Festival 2013.
  • Torturous (2012) won “Best North American Short Film” at the 2013 Nevermore Film Festival in North Carolina and “Best Horror-Comedy Short Film” at Buried Alive! In Atlanta.
  • Lucky (2012) won “Audience Choice Award” at the 2012 Atlantic Film Festival.
  • Rhonda’s Party (2010) won 2 awards at the National Screen Institute’s Short Film Festival: the A&E Short Filmmakers Award and the Shaw Media Fearless Female Director Award and the CBC Short Film FaceOff.
  • Like Father (2010) won Best Atlantic Short and Best Cinematography at Atlantic Film Festival.
  • FILM 5 production The Wake of Calum MacLeod was nominated for the 2008 Genie Award in Best Live Action Short Film.