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Languages of Nova Scotia is a film training initiative celebrating language diversity in Nova Scotia, presented by the Atlantic Filmmakers Cooperative (AFCOOP). The five languages being celebrated as part of this initiative include: A’ Ghàidhlig / Gaelic, Farsi, Français / French, Maritime Sign Language / American Sign Language, L’nui’simk / Mi’kmaq.

Call For Applications to Phase 2: Production 

The Atlantic Filmmakers Cooperative is accepting applications for five people to make their first short film in their language as part of the Languages of Nova Scotia Initiative. Successful applicants will receive film training and funding to create their first short film.

To be eligible to apply to this initiative, applicants must be 18 years or older and indicate a connection to one of the following five languages being celebrated by the Languages of Nova Scotia Initiative:

  • A’ Ghàidhlig / Gaelic
  • Farsi / Persian
  • Français / French
  • Maritime Sign Language / American Sign Language
  • L’nui’simk / Mi’kmaq

One person will be chosen from each language community to receive intensive film training, attend a Master Class series and receive funding to create a short film in their respective language. The participants will be paired with a local mentor and an established director mentor who will provide support, guidance and feedback throughout the filmmaking process.

Successful applicants will be chosen by a peer selection committee composed of individuals with a connection to the language/culture being celebrated. Applicants are encouraged to reflect on the theme of language and culture in their project concept.

Deadline to apply is Monday March 5th 2018 @ midnight

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Languages of Nova Scotia is made possible by the generous support of Canada Council New Chapter program and the provincial 150 Forward Fund.

This is one of the 200 exceptional projects funded through the Canada Council for the Arts’ New Chapter program. With this $35M investment, the Council supports the creation and sharing of the arts in communities across Canada.

Ce projet est l’un des 200 projets exceptionnels soutenus par le programme Nouveau chapitre du Conseil des arts du Canada. Avec cet investissement 35 M$, le Conseil des arts appuie la création et le partage des arts au cœur de nos vies et dans l’ensemble du Canada.

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