Become a Member

Associate Membership – $40

Join as Associate Member

To become an associate member you must:
– Pay $40 fee (through the on-line link below or in person at the AFCOOP office or mail cheque to AFCOOP P.O. Box 2043, Station M, Halifax, NS,  B3J 2Z1)

Expiry: One year from the date of purchase.

Benefits of Associate Membership

Full Membership – $80
To become a full member you must:

– Complete 10 volunteer hours
– Attend one General Meeting
– Have a sponsor who is a Full Member in good standing
– Get voted in by membership at a General Meeting.

Expiry: One year from the date of getting voted in as a Full Member.

Benefits of Full Membership

*NEW* Graduating Film School Membership – FREE

Are you graduating from film school this spring? You’re eligible for a FREE AFCOOP Full Membership! Get access to affordable equipment, facilities and workshops and join a community of like-minded filmmakers!

In order to redeem your FREE ACOOP Full Membership you need to:
– present proof of graduating from a film program (NSCAD, NSCC, the Centre for Arts and Technology or similar)
– do 10hrs of volunteer work at AFCOOP
– get voted in at an AFCOOP General Meeting (next meeting is July 17th)

Contact AFCOOP’s Education Coordinator,, to confirm your eligibility.

You have 6 months after graduating to claim your membership.

Production Membership – $180

To become a Production Member you must:
– Pay $180 fee (in person at the AFCOOP office or mail cheque to AFCOOP P.O. Box 2043, Station M, Halifax, NS,  B3J 2Z1)

Expiry: one year from the date of purchase

Benefits of Production Membership

Lifetime Membership
Please contact AFCOOP directly to determine eligibility

To become a Lifetime Member you must:
– Must have been a Full Member for 10 years or more, not necessarily consecutive
– Must have completed 10 volunteer hours within the year
– Have a sponsor who is a full member in good standing
– Get voted in by membership at the AGM
– Fill out and sign application form and membership agreement

Benefits of Lifetime Membership

Sponsorship Prospective Full Members are to be sponsored by a full member who knows them and their interest in film. Sponsors act as a mentor to the new member by facilitating their understanding of AFCOOP’s operations, facilities and services. The sponsor must make him/herself available to the new member. It is recommended that they meet at least one time after s/he is voted in.

Membership Agreement This is the form that all new members sign. It communicates the membership policies and ensures that the new member understands how to maintain and upgrade his/her membership. It is where contact information is obtained, so that newsletters and other information can be received. We maintain a database of membership. We ask members to update changes of information by contacting AFCOOP.