Phase One Deliverables

Thursday, November 19, Midnight – Script Rewrites
After the Screenwriters’ Intensive, please submit a revised script that considers the feedback you received from instructors and peers.

Monday, November 16, Midnight – Phase One Tuition is Due
Each team member must pay $400 to participate in FILM 5 (Phase Two is free). Phase One Tuition can be paid online here or can be paid in person at the AFCOOP front desk.

Monday, November 30, Midnight – Budget Rewrites
After the Producers’ Intensive and Budgeting session, please submit a revised version of your budget that considers feedback from instructors and peers.

Monday, December 7, Midnight – Phase II Application
Applications must include:

1. Completed online Application Form

2. Letter of Intent – from each Team member: Use this letter to convince the jury why your film needs to move forward to the Production Phase of the program and why FILM 5 will benefit you. This is also a good place to address any challenges your project faces.

3. Script – appropriate for a five-minute film (MAX 7 pages): The Jury will be advised if your script shows that there has been development and growth as a result of the instruction received in the Development Phase. Juries will heavily favour projects who’s final project can feasibly be five minutes long.

4. Director’s Treatment – 1-2 pages max. Discuss your approach to directing, themes in your work, visual and sound treatment, casting plan, inspiration and reference films, tone/genre, etc.

5. Look Book/Storyboards – Include some visual reference to your film either through a look book (images, colours, textures that reflect your film’s colour palette and tone) or a few key storyboards.

6. Producer’s Notes – 1-2 pages max. List any challenges that arise from your script and how you will address them. Describe any strengths that your production has that may not be evident elsewhere in your application (access to a certain piece of equipment or actor or skill).

7. The “One Sheet” – including the following: The One Sheet should include a logline, a synopsis of your story, and an image that represents your film.

8. Financing Plan – Proposed external financing must be confirmed via written letter. If planning to raise money via on-line crowd sourcing or other events, please include information about your campaign (i.e. when it starts and ends).

9. Budget – not just a top sheet! Delete or “hide” lines that do not apply to your project. Separate cash and in-kind expenses, otherwise your budget will be deemed incomplete.

10. List of Proposed Locations – Pictures and/or floor plans help but are not mandatory. If you intend to build a set make sure to indicate these costs in your budget and include a proposed set build plan.

11. List of Proposed Crew – It’s definitely not expected that all crew will be confirmed at this point, but list any that you have spoken to about the project.

12. Filmography and Resume – Include length, format and any awards or screenings.

13. Support material – Max. 10 minutes total for the Creative Team. Please include material via Vimeo or YouTube link(s) in the online application form

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