Phase One Principles

FILM 5 is an educational and production program for emerging Nova Scotia Writers, Directors, Producers and aspiring technical crew presented by AFCOOP.

The cornerstones of FILM 5 are professional, creative, and project development. Its principal objectives are:

  1. To provide emerging Writers, Directors and Producers with training and mentorship designed to enhance their abilities while preparing them to pursue larger scale production opportunities (specifically feature film projects).
  2. To provide training and mentorship that bridges the gap between the completion of basic training and the launch of a career in the film industry.
  3. To assist with the creation of up to four high-quality short films that will perform at the national level, and which can be used by the filmmakers to advertise their abilities.
  4. To provide aspiring technical crew with classroom and on-set training.

During the Development phase, teams will attend workshops and events intended to assist with the development of their project proposals. Each team member must participate in the workshop(s) applicable to their role. Only teams whose members have participated in mandatory workshops will be eligible to advance to the Production Phase.

In accepting a position in the Development phase, the TEAM agrees to the following conditions:

  1. Workshop attendance is mandatory
  2. Each team member is required to pay a tuition fee of $400, payable to the Atlantic Filmmakers Cooperative within three weeks of acceptance into the program.
  3. Meet all deadlines as set by the Programs Coordinator

Failure to meet any of the above may result in removal from the program.

The team also agrees to the following terms:

  1. Acceptance into the Development Phase in no way guarantees acceptance into the Production Phase of FILM 5
  2. AFCOOP retains ownership of all workshop materials
  3. The TEAM shall indemnify and hold harmless FILM 5 and AFCOOP, their respective directors, coordinators, officers, and employees of and from the costs, charges, claims, damages, judgments, and expenses including costs on a solicitor / client basis arising from or relating to the development, production, distribution, and exhibition of the PRODUCTION.

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