Phase Two Deliverables

Final Proposal – Due 4 Weeks prior to shooting dates

This proposal is subject to approval by the Supervising Producer, in consultation with the Phase II mentors. You will not receive any funding until your Final Proposal has been approved by the Programs Coordinator and the Supervising producer. It must include:

  1. Locked Script
  2. Locked Budget – Any extra funds (i.e. team investment or fundraising) must be deposited in the AFCOOP bank account at this time
    Budget Template
    Petty Cash Form Template
  3. Final Shot List
  4. Locked Shooting Schedule
  5. Crew List and Cast List
  6. Locked Locations

3 Weeks to Shoot
Meet with Supervising Producer to go over cost reporting.

  1. Final Crew and Cast List (with 7 Trainees indicated)
  2. Equipment List

2 Weeks to Shoot

  1. Deal memos, safety waivers, any release forms pertaining to shoot (ACTRA agreements, HRM permits, etc.)
    Deal Memo Template
    Participant Release Template
    Notice of Filming Template
    Location Release Template
    Usage Release Template
  2. Signed location agreements
  3. Preliminary Post Production Schedule (to be submitted to Supervising Producer for approval)

1 Week to Shoot

  1. Call Sheets
  2. Revised Shot lists
  3. Revised Crew and Cast List
Shoot Supervising Producer and the mentors may visit the set at some point throughout the weekend. Please provide call sheets to Supervising Producer for both days.

Wrap-up and Off-Line

  • Team Debrief – Team will meet with Supervising Producer and Producer Mentor the week directly following their production to discuss their production.
  • Meeting between the Supervising Producer, Team and off-line Editor before off-line begins to review the schedule & technical requirements / deliverables to online & audio.

Post-Production Paperwork – 1 month after shoot

  1. First cost report*
  2. Petty cash remittance(s) and receipts **
  3. 6 production stills (jpeg at 300dpi) cleared for promotional use

* Cost reports should continue to be done as needed, i.e. when another quantity of money has been spent or at the request of the Supervising Producer.

** You will not be given more money until receipts have been submitted for the previously requested money.

Rough Cut Screening – May 2022

A group rough-cut screening will be scheduled late May or June, based on team’s post-production schedule. If this is not possible teams must arrange a screening of their rough cut (or email a file) for Supervising Producer and mentors in order to receive notes before picture lock.


  • Meeting/conference call between the Programs Coordinator, Teams and Editor before delivering to on-line house.
  • Final Credits sent as text file to Programs Coordinator for approval. Consult your Contract for credit information.

Final Deliverables – Friday, September 30, 2022

  1. One (1) high quality digital file of finished Production (Quicktime Pro Res 422 HQ)
  2. Final Crew List (with 7 Trainees italicized)
  3. Final Shooting script
  4. Brief synopsis of the film
  5. Copies of any promotional material (posters, post-cards, one-sheets etc.)
  6. Signed location agreement(s)
  7. ACTRA agreements or other actor contracts
  8. Music cue sheet and executed synchronization and master license contracts for all music usage in the Production
  9. Final cost report for the Production

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