AFCOOP is excited to announce a new Full Member benefit, POST-PRO TO GO, which will provide Full and Lifetime Members with free remote access to fully licensed post-production software.

We know it can be tough to navigate post-production workflow as an independent filmmaker, and while our media suite is a great resource, we wanted to provide you with something that you could tinker with in the comfort of your home (or wherever). 


Step 1: Book the software using our online Rental Request form.

Step 2: Use it on your own projects, anywhere you want. 

Step 3: Bring it back, or tell us when you’re finished.

After one month, the software license goes to the next person in line. If no one else is requesting the program you are using, you can hang onto it until someone does! That’s pretty much it. 

To start we will be offering the following programs:

PREMIERE PRO CC: Completely Online

No need to come in and pick up, we will send it directly to your email.

Returns are done remotely online.


You can pick up a DRS7 dongle in person at AFCOOP.

Returns are also done in person at AFCOOP. 

BONUS – FINAL DRAFT 12: Media Suite (Sorry, this one is not portable — we tried!)

You can use our newly installed full version Final Draft 7 when you book the AFCOOP media suite.

Tip: You can export your Celtx screenplays in “text” format and bring them into Final Draft.