Educational courses and workshops at AFCOOP provide filmmakers with knowledge and skills that are relevant anywhere in the contemporary filmmaking world.

Whether you are a new or experienced creative filmmaker looking for access to cutting-edge or traditional tools, or are seeking training in skills for professional employment, AFCOOP provides training in all aspects of filmmaking. From workshops in experimental film techniques and aesthetics, animation, funding and distribution, 16 and 35mm motion picture cinematography, picture editing, sound design, professional crew training and more, to intensives and courses designed to develop Producers, Writers, and Directors, AFCOOP has educational opportunities for you.

Better education at the best possible cost
As a non-profit arts institution, AFCOOP is able to offer our workshops and courses at the lowest possible costs. Consider also the flexibility to schedule a curriculum that suits your specific needs, in a time frame which can be just one four-hour class or several months long.

A tradition of success and innovation
Alma mater to many of Atlantic Canada’s most successful and well-known filmmakers, AFCOOP has a long tradition of educating some of the most innovative filmmakers in the country.

More than an educational centre – AFCOOP is a fully equipped filmmaking resource facility
Because AFCOOP is a resource centre, it is an opportunity to meet and network with established creative and career filmmakers with whom you will often find additional valuable training opportunities and the benefit of their knowledge. We also provide opportunities for direct mentoring and free training through our excellent programs (See Programs).

Some of our most successful educational programs include: FILM 5 – Professional education taught by professionals, experiencing growth of over 100% in the past 2 years alone, The Quarterly Education Series- A different focus every four months, Workshops a la carte, try as many as you want.

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