Nova Scotia’s Elite Training Opportunity for Emerging Filmmakers

FILM 5 is a creative development program for emerging Nova Scotia filmmakers. The program provides a unique blend of classroom instruction, mentorship from experienced filmmakers and hands-on production experience for Writers, Directors, and Producers as well as training for aspiring technical crew.

CREATIVE TEAMS Component – DEADLINE Monday September 20, 2021, Midnight

FILM 5 provides Creative Teams (Writer, Director and Producer) with professional development, project development, and relationship building opportunities. Up to four teams will be accepted and receive training and mentorship through Phase One: Project Development. Teams will attend weekend and evening workshops designed to assist them in the development of their projects. Each Team member must participate in the workshops applicable to their role. Only teams who have participated in the required workshops will be eligible to apply to Phase Two: Production.


The FILM 5 Trainee Crew Component provides aspiring technical crew with the unique opportunity to apply practical skills they have developed in FILM 5 workshops and on-set. Working under professional key crew, trainees receive instruction while gaining invaluable hands-on experience.

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