Quarantine Filmmaker Dispatches

From now until whenever (?) we’re going to be interviewing AFCOOP members via Skype and posting links to a piece of their work that is available online. 

If you’d like to be featured in one of these interviews but we haven’t gotten in touch yet please let Iain know: programs@afcoop.ca

Interview subjects will receive 5hrs of volunteer credit for their time!

Just a note that some of these interviews were shot in March / April so if some ideas / sentiments seem like they belong to an earlier phase of this pandemic that’s why!

Episode #10 Sarah Gignac

Just a note that this video suffers from some Skype lag… embrace the glitches! And here is a link to the film that Sarah talks about in her interview: Borscht & Fresh Bread

Episode #9 Josh Owen

Watch Josh Owen’s short film Humanity Hyuck Hyuck that he talks about in his interview.

Episode #8 Stephanie Clattenburg

Here’s a link to the film Stephanie talks about in her interview: Suicide at the Gun Range

Episode # 7 Nidhin Kumar

Episode # 6 Tamar Dina

Tamar’s films can be watched on the website: www.tamardina.com

Episode #5 Chris Spencer Lowe

Here’s a link to the film CSL talks about in his interview: TWO

Episode #4 – Dawn George

Here is a link to the film she talks about in her interview: See Weeds

And a bonus film featuring some of that recycled footage she talks about: Crack of Dawn Episode 2 – The Guitar Song
password: CoD2

Episode #3 – Kevin Hartford

Here’s a link to Kevin’s film, “I Love You More” that he talks about in the interview!

Episode #2 – Molly Bowes!

And here are some links to Molly’s work that she talks about in the interview: 

Episode #1 – AFCOOP Staff member Josh Fifield!

Link to Josh’s film: https://vimeo.com/214683723