Sequestered Screenwriters Group

The Sequestered Screenwriters Group meets online the last Monday of every month to read and discuss each other’s short film scripts. In advance of the meeting, participants are sent two writing prompts to use (or not). Participants have a week to write a short script and then the following week they meet online via Zoom to discuss and give feedback. The group is facilitated by Programs Coordinator Iain MacLeod and AFCOOP Board Member Jenna Murphy. It’s FREE and open to all.

Next round will begin the middle of this month. Sign up to get your writing prompt.

Here’s how it will work:

1. Sign up by the middle of the month (it’s free)
2. 10 days before the final Thursday of the month, you’ll receive two screenwriting prompts via email.
3. Work on your script for the next week and send it in to the group by the Monday before the final Thursday.
4. Online Group Meeting! Final Thursday of the month, 6pm.

If you don’t like the prompt or if you have a script in progress that you’d rather work on that’s totally fine.

If you have any questions, contact Iain: