Whether you are interested in finding out more about the co-op, are a member fulfilling the required volunteer hours, or simply interested in contributing to the community, everyone is welcome to volunteer at AFCOOP.


In order to become a Full Member you must donate ten volunteer hours to the co-op and must continue to perform ten volunteer hours per year. For each additional hour of volunteer work, full members receive $11/hour to go towards equipment rental.

Volunteer tasks include:

  • Serving on a committee

  • Teaching workshops

  • Assisting instructors at workshops

  • Postering

  • Assisting at our events and screenings

  • Volunteering on an AFCOOP Full Member film shoot.

  • Individuals are responsible for recording their own hours in AFCOOP’s Volunteer Log within two weeks of their volunteer work.


If you are interested in volunteering, please contact our Programs & Outreach Coordinator, Henry Colin at henry@afcoop.ca