Whether you are interested in finding out more about the co-op, are a member fulfilling the required volunteer hours, or simply interested in contributing to the community, everyone is welcome to volunteer at AFCOOP.

In order to become a Full Member you must donate ten volunteer hours to the co-op and must continue to perform ten volunteer hours per year. For each additional hour of volunteer work, full members receive $11/hour to go towards towards equipment rental.

Volunteer tasks include:

  • serving on a committee
  • teaching workshops
  • assisting instructors at workshops
  • postering
  • assisting at our events and screenings
  • volunteering on an AFCOOP Full Member film shoot.

Individuals are responsible for recording their own hours in AFCOOP’s Volunteer Log within two weeks of their volunteer work.

If you are interested in volunteering, please contact our Programs & Outreach Coordinator, Iain MacLeod at programs@afcoop.ca